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Personal Development

Personal Development

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

3.9 The People You Work With
3.7 Paid Time Off
3.6 Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
3.6 Management Opportunities for Women
3.4 Ability to Telecommute
3.4 Flexible Work Hours
3.3 Maternity and Adoptive Leave
3.3 Social Activities and Environment
3.2 Learning Opportunities
3.1 Wellness Initiatives
3.1 Family Growth Support
3.1 Female Representation in Top Leadership
2.9 Company Responsiveness
2.8 Salary Satisfaction
2.7 Sponsorship or Mentorship Program

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Love the company. Really is a great place to work.

Very Satisfied Rater

Willis Towers Watson prides itself on being open and sensitive to all people regardless of race or gender. I am so proud to work for a company that boasts this unashamedly the second you walk in the door. I love my job and am very happy to work for this company. (P.s. they give paternal leave even, it's great)

Very Satisfied Rater

Women can get into certain levels of management that I've seen but the men always are above them sometimes passing them quickly with no obvious reason (work ethic etc) hr is very good at telling you what you want to hear when you are upset then never fallow through with the action plans discusses (same for lgbt or racism issues) I'm not sure about pay to be honest as far as I've seen I don't see pay differences in the lower levels of employment and I haven't made it to management yet. I'm not even permanent yet but they are the only company I've worked for since 2013 they just lay me off every so often to not reach permanent (this is a common thing I'm not the only one most of the company is like this) if you aren't permanent not paid time off and eventually after 12 months of continuous employment you get limited over priced benefits. They say if we work 24 consecutive months they have to make you permanent but that doesn't mean much they are many people over 24 months with no offer yet. In this office we pray because that's all that might save you at least the pay is decent if you are single with no kids no life and living with your pamily over an hour away as long as you don't mind feeling less than human to your company. The lower levels of management are good but even they too aren't worth much to the company so they can empathize. I'm not sure if I should blame WTW or just the management in my section of the company but it's not a good long term job despite the flashy pay to get you in the door.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

The Positives: Good work, we overall do a good job. People are happy here. People like each other and tend to want to help others out. Younger group of people so there's lots of social culture.

The negatives:
Overall salary situation is really bad. OK if you are hired into a role from outside, but don't hope a promotion will get you anywhere from a salary perspective if you're already here or have plans to grow in your role. If you started here at an entry level or less than market rate to get in the door, and then prove yourself, you don't get anything for promotions and when you do, it isn't market rate, it is based on where you started. It can take years to get to a competitive, fair comp and you have to 'go above and beyond' all this time. Doing the job as required and meeting your goals isn't enough to get an increase. WTW doesn't do annual cost of living increases for our division. The only way to be paid fairly for the job you're doing after 'promotion' is to leave to work for another organization for a while and then come back to be hired into a role at a fair rate.

Men are promoted to positions in senior leadership far more than their female peers are. A corporate senior leadership meeting for the organization was a panel of 8+ men with the only female representation in the obvious HR & Marketing areas - even the division head joked that these leader women "were in the back." Our local office HR was replaced by a man. It's really discouraging and behind the times.

The culture of the Buffalo office is overall positive, but is changing as the company grows and is losing 'some' of the positivity.

Unsatisfied Rater

Great place to work. Fun work enviroment, supportive management and encoraging. Open to ideas and gives productive critism when needed. I absolutely love working here and feel like I'm apart of a great team.

Very Satisfied Rater


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