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I work with men, mainly. My current LPO, has it out for me. He treats me worse than everyone else and gives me the most work to do. He has no compassion for sick days, leave days, or medical appointments. Everything is an issue between me and him and any time I try to seek leadership around EM1 Somera, I am reprehended for my actions. It’s the classic case of reprisal. I do everything I’m asked to do, my work always gets done on time if not early. Yet, he still finds issues with my work. I can’t do anything right. People like him need to be demoted. His comments in the work place to other men are LUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. he has talked about getting a blow job from one of the other sailors for an EP evaluation. When questioned about his joke, we got yelled at and dismissed from the room.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

I love the responsibility of leadership; however, it's tricky to be viewed as an equal working I. A male dominant environment. I feel strongly that females must act "meaner" or more aggressively than males do to be taken seriously. It's how I've "proven" myself to be an equal.

Indifferent Rater

If you want to be harassed after seeking help for sexual assault, bullied for starting a family, and harassed while trying to pump milk for your new baby, join the navy. I had several female superiors walk into the lactation room while I was pumping just to make me uncomfortable. Sexual assaults are poorly handled and often end up with the victim getting PTSD from being hazed by their commands for reporting it, not the assault itself. They try to make the victim look crazy so it doesn't reflect on their leadership.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

The military has come a long way but still has far to go concerning inclusivity. So far in my experience, the community is still extremely hyper-masculine which consistently hinders a lot of progressive efforts. Aside from this, the constant far right rhetoric is annoying to say the least. But things are changing. Slowly. Hopefully, one day soon, the old way of regarding those who aren't straight, white and male will permanently die. Hopefully.

Indifferent Rater

The Navy has a policy that says female reproduction is a right and it should be respected. However it is treated like treason in the military to become pregnant or desire to have children or to have children with needs (like attention, sickness, and supervision). I personally observed pregnant women being punished cruely through confinement to ship environment. During their inappropriate punishment they were exposed to lead paint removal, welding, excessive heat, meal rashioning, and unnecessary stress, all of this in the woman's first trimester. In addition there is very little investigation into these things because they are being "supervised" by a "ship doctor" who may or may not have went to college or even finished high school. The worst part is the Stockholm syndrome that happens. I watched this young woman and many others face the shame, outcasting, and automatic detriment of their once promising careers, and I thought they deserved it and they thought they deserved it too. The Navy loves women, it makes them look good to do so, as long as you are infertile. I would also like to point out as well the growing number of female infertility problems with current and former service members across all military branches.

Unsatisfied Rater


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