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Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

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Family Support

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The People You Work With
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Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
Management Opportunities for Women
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Maternity and Adoptive Leave

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Still stuck in the 1950s - mostly "Yale, pale, and male." Staying true to the stereotype, with droves leaving as a result of dissatisfaction. Particularly hard on women and families.

Unsatisfied Rater

It would be wonderful if the DoS implemented all of the employee programs & benefits they write about, but they don’t. If you’re a new young employee & thinking of starting a family, keep in mind that you earn 2.6 weeks of paid annual leave and 2.6 weeks of paid sick leave during each of your first three yeas with the government.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Need an official parental leave policy. You have to save personal and sick leave for years to take parental leave. This should be a separet benedit. Also need more flexible work options. While alternate work schedules and telework are allowable, they are jot embraced by most managers. Also, the daycare has a two year wait-list, and the lactation spaces are not ideal. Most of the workforce in the civil service is female so I'm not sure why the standards are so low on these points. Women are well represented in management so they could be taking this on, but aren't. It's too bad.

Indifferent Rater

Very different opportunities and compensation for Foreign Service Officers vs. Civil Servants. Some people get many opportunities to travel; some do not. Equal pay for women but not enough women in leadership roles. Telework still not culturally accepted nor supported by technology and facilities design. In general, smart and dedicated colleagues who believe in the mission of diplomacy.

Indifferent Rater

Lack of parental leave is the main issue

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