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It’s a fun place to work.

Satisfied Rater

When I left, I seriously considered opening a claim with the Equal Employer Opportunity Commission for sex discrimination. I've worked a lot of places where I dealt with sexism, but this was hands down the most blatant. Another girl and I both left the store at the same time (she transferred and I resigned) because one of our coworkers (a man who she happened to have broken up with several months earlier but stayed on friendly terms with until he started dating someone else) was using cocaine and getting drunk with one of our managers at work, admitting these things to people around us and doing it in full view of coworkers, and then began sending her threatening texts and trying to manipulate other people around me to make my life bad when I stuck up for her. The other female coworker and I both complained multiple times about feelings safe around this person and complained to multiple managers, and the other girl was told they would halt her transfer if she didn't stop complaining and they told me I should seek out counseling to deal with my fear at work. But then when one of them coke addicts friends said he felt threatened by me (I called him a child and immature in the break room) they sent me home two days early and told me they have a "zero tolerance policy" for making people feel unsafe. More like a zero tolerance policy for taking rn complaints of women seriously. Honestly, two people who had worked there for more than a year left because of the same person and no one took anything we said seriously. I will never consider working for this company again. There were also only two female managers out of a total of about ten, women frequently didn't get the raises that their male counterparts did get (you get a raise every six months unless you do really badly), and and I was started at a significantly lower rate of pay than men who had less work experience than I did or no work experience at all (I had several years in food service, a year in retail, and several more in general customer service). They belittle women, don't value our opinions, don't take complaints of sexual harrassment or threatening behavior from customers seriously, and have no remorse for any of it. I hate working here because of how I was treated as a woman. Awful place unless you are fantastic at kissing ass relentlessly, throwing your coworkers under the bus to make yourself look better, and having to pretend to be happy 24/7.

Unsatisfied Rater

It's a great place if you are male.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

This job would have stayed a higher rating as a place I enjoy working at until I became pregnant, and to some management my health is a joke..

Indifferent Rater

Working at Trader Joe's has been an amazing experience! The men I work under are incredibly respectful and the women are great role models and people to aspire to be!

Very Satisfied Rater


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