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The Walt Disney Company

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Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

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Family Support

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Going to be honest, it was kind of awful.

Unsatisfied Rater
Early Career

I loved the experience of working at the resort and interacting with the guests, especially the children, made 1 great friend who I still talk to after 2 years of not working there. The company and business side of it all parden my French but fucking sucks ass and that's when you start to loose your love for Disney, it has become a very corrupt company.

Indifferent Rater
Early Career

I'm very proud to work for a company with four (of 10) female Board of Directors members and a very progressive workplace culture with lots of diversity!

Very Satisfied Rater

I had a lot of fun working for Disney, It's something I wanted to do since I was little, but now that I've done it, I wouldn't do it anymore. I got to meet a lot of incredible co-workers, but the work itself was too physically exhausting, being all day standing in the sun and things like that. If I would have worked there when I was younger, it would have probably been easier for me.

Satisfied Rater
Early Career

The company is led by almost all men at the top. In the marketing studios umbrella, the politics here is thick. There was bullying on my team that happened that HR had to get involved. No work life balance.

At the end of the day it all depends on how good your boss is. But majority of the people I've met here are dissatisfied

Its mainly good with the perks and pay if you're VP or higher on my opinion.

I wish I knew all this before he started here. Working at Disney is very very different compared to being a guest at Disneyland. It's not the most magical place on earth.

Unsatisfied Rater

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