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The Congressional Innovation Fellowship


TechCongress brings diverse tech talent, ideas and training to Congress and to build a practical and pragmatic understanding of Washington within the tech community. We bridge the divide of knowledge and experience between DC and Silicon Valley for better outcomes for both.


The Congressional Innovation Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to change Congress by injecting desperately needed technological expertise into the Legislative Branch.

The fellowship is a twelve-month residency on Capitol Hill, running from January to December, with an optional 13th month the following January. Fellows work directly for a Member of Congress or Congressional Committee for the duration of their residency and may spend their time on technology-related issues like emerging technologies, AI and automation, election security, data privacy, encryption, cybersecurity or defense technology policy.

Typical duties may include:

-Briefing Members and staff about technology issues
-Researching legislation
-Preparing for hearings or markups
-Meeting with stakeholder groups and building coalitions

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Full-time | Washington, D.C.
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