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I have worked for 5 1/2 years and hate the favoritism that is displayed. I work my hardest and will do my store managers duties for him, and cover any shifts he needs covered. I volunteer, stay later, come in early and it’s like I don’t exist. If I miss one thing, all of a sudden I’m visible and the worst person in the world! I’ve been a shift Supervisor for 3 years now and shifts that just got promoted a week ago are making the same amount I am! I’m just done with this company! Store Managers get by with everything! With sexual harassment, drugs, and everything! You call corporate and nothing gets done!

Very Unsatisfied Rater

The only major complaint I have about my company, is that we are constantly having to buy our own tampons for work use. Some people forget them, or they get damaged or lost. It happens. They should be available for women to use, and we should not have to constantly be using our personal finances to provide them to everyone.

Satisfied Rater

Great benefits, fair pay, and a generally great environment. While this may differ depending on the store, my experience has been Starbucks promotes a safe and stable work environment and listens when workers speak up.

Very Satisfied Rater

Obviously my personal experience creates a biased opinion of the company but I never felt appreciated for the continuous effort I put into the company. I waited on a promotion for 3+ months and felt completely dimissed on all parts to move up with the company. Management changed 3 times while I was employed there and it was hard going through that much change in a 8 month period.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

I think Starbucks as a whole is great. They're inclusive and (if my store is any example) give equal opportunities to men and women to my knowledge. It can be difficult sometimes because the company is constantly changing things up and adding drinks and foods, but in general the starting salary was more than I hoped for and I like working there.

Satisfied Rater


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