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I was regularly harassed by customers and coworkers, and when I complained to management in my store I was made fun of for being too sensitive for the rest of my time there. When I complained of being sexually harassed by my direct supervisor, my hours were cut from 40 a week to less than 15, while he was promoted to an executive position and moved to Chicago. This is one of the worst businesses I have ever worked for. It will be a relief when they finally go bankrupt, I'm just sorry I didn't have the resources to hire and attorney and kick them a little closer to the grave.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

I have an incredibly empowering boss. He isn't afraid to discuss how my gender affects my sales and work through frustrations. In a male dominated field, my store employs about half women in almost every department. My store is small compared to the rest of the chain, so I don't know of too many female managers, but I know of several female representatives higher up in the company.

Very Satisfied Rater

very little female representation in the entire company. Yes, it is a male dominated industry, but the entire company needs more women. There was one ops manager that I met that was a woman. She was the only female ops manager in the entire company. Very few women get promoted. I started at the exact same time as these two men who had little experience in sales. We were all pretty entry level. We all worked hard. Despite meeting my sales goals and being top in sales regionally and nationally, I was never promoted. Both of the men I started with were promoted to upper management within a year. I had to haggle for a $0.25 raise. Doesn't make sense to me.

Unsatisfied Rater

This job is very male dominated, and as a consequence, there are bars to move forward as a female, and you are subject regularly to sexist practices and encounters. After being hired, I was made privy to the fact that a) the sales manager didn't want to hire a female employee as she would be "distracting" to the other employees, however, b) the manager of the department I would be working under thought I was attractive and then lobbied for my hiring. There is also a fair amount of sexism from customers (in my personal experience, older men), who would question my knowledge and expertise in a way that the men in my department would never encounter and actively talk down in the sort of "it's cute that you think you know things" kind of way. Customer interaction is not something that the company can regulate per se, however, if they were active in recruiting women, the faces customers would see behind the stores' counters would change and perhaps invite more balanced interactions.

Unsatisfied Rater

There are very few women working at my location. As a result, things are not dealt with effectively. I brought a sexual assault incident to the attention of Management and they gave the perp paid time off and asked me to come in and interact with customers and co wokers the next day. They did not offer any counseling reimbursement or trauma support for me either.

Unsatisfied Rater


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