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Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

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Family Support

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It was cool. Long hours but fun.

Satisfied Rater

I was constantly told to stop being so sensitive on issues. They are all about measurements and not about quality of life.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Great company for singles, those looking for a career and wanting to be a great sales person, the person just looking for balance of life and work probably will lose interest after a while... Great people but the hours require are far more than a notion (60-70) mandatory hours per week

Unsatisfied Rater

Please don't think that this is fake because I gave my employer a perfect score. They deserve it! This is the best place that I've ever worked in tech and they are completely understand of my being a working mom. Women are represented in all levels of the company, up to our CIO.

Very Satisfied Rater

During my time there, it was a struggle to work 50-60 hours a week while pregnant. At about 30 weeks pregnant, I was starting to have complications and had multiple doctors notes reducing my hours to 40 hours (all of which were ignored.) I loved the environment there but I did get some comments about my impending maternity leave. One was from a male team leader who said "After my wife had our baby, I only took a week off of work, can t you just do that?" Multiple talks with HR and nothing was resolved with my hours, and it always got back to them that I was complaining. At one point I had bronchitis for over a month, no medication because of the pregnancy, and lack of sleep contributed to my not getting well. I ended up fracturing one rib on each side because of the coughing. That ended up being the reason I was able to finally get some rest at home.

Unsatisfied Rater


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