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Palo Alto Networks logo

Palo Alto Networks

4.2 | Santa Clara, CA | Computer & Network Security | 5001 to 10000 Employees
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Posted 3 months ago on April 20, 2020

Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships/Google Cloud

Full-time in Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks is a computer & network security company headquartered in the Santa Clara, CA area with 5001 to 10000 employees. Palo Alto Networks has a 4.2-star InHerSight Score, based on 1,186 ratings from 82 employees. 28 employees have left comments about their experience working for the company on InHerSight.

Palo Alto Networks Mission

At Palo Alto Networks® everything starts and ends with our mission: protecting our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks. It’s not a small goal. It isn’t simple either, but we aren’t in this for the easy answer. As a company with a foundation in challenging the way things are done, we’re looking for innovators with a dedication to best. In return, your career will have a tangible impact one that's working toward technology that affects every level of society.

Our mission doesn’t happen by treading softly no, it happens by defining an industry. It means building products that haven't been thought of. It means selling products with a solutions mindset. It means supporting the infrastructure of a company that moves at an incredible speed intentionally to stay ahead of the worlds next cyberthreat.


What makes PANW’s Technology Partnerships team special

Every technology company has a Technology Partnerships team. What makes the team at Palo Alto Networks special is the following:

         Security is one of the most fragmented technology stacks. A typical large enterprise has upto 75 different security products. Customers expect our products to support integrations with hundreds of other products.

         APIs are not an afterthought but a critical component of our upstream product design, the MVP feature set and subsequent roadmap updates. Our APIs are extremely well maintained and frequently updated. In certain product areas like Demisto, we commit  to giving our partners the same APIs and integration hooks that we make available to our internal teams for integrations within the PANW Product Suite.

         We have the most comprehensive product portfolio in the Security industry. As a result, we are building the most comprehensive and diverse product ecosystem. It extends from start-ups to the titans of the tech industry. It includes ISVs across all security categories, SaaS, Cloud Service Providers, Developer Stack, Identity & Access Management, Mobile Device Management, Email Providers, Analytics, Hardware OEMs, Network Equipment Providers, Network Infrastructure Providers, etc.

         Building our tech ecosystem requires a versatile set of partnership motions. In products like Cortex and Demisto, our goal is to enable hundreds of partners to build applications to unlock a vast library of use cases. In other products like NGFW, we already have hundreds of integrations and are focused on ensuring these integrations stay validated as we update our core platform, move to the cloud and launch new APIs. In Prisma Cloud and Prisma Access, the goal is to partner deeply with a relative short list of Cloud Service Providers and Network Solution Providers.

         We have dedicated Partner Engineering and Solution Architect resources that work jointly with our partner managers in delivering high quality, secure, and reliable integrations. In certain instances, we build and maintain the integrations. In other cases,  we prescribe reference architectures and, almost always, we validate the technical implementations. Sometimes, we even act as the first level of support so our customers can have reliable experiences. 


Key responsibilities

         Work closely with the product management and go-to-market sales and marketing teams to build the partnership between Google Cloud and PANW extended portfolio.

         Build and execute a business plan for Google Cloud technology partnership as well as other potential strategic and go-to-market partners.

         Qualify, and manage opportunities to expand integrations with Google Cloud that will generate clear and significant business value.

         Build end-to-end partnerships and integrations with clear business and customer value that have significant measurable value for all parties.

         Oversee and support technical integration work, use case development, integration guides, and solution briefs.

         Build, coordinate, and lead various go-to-market initiatives including internal, intercompany, intra-companies and external activities (customer and channel partners/GSIs).

         Build relationships with senior and management-level leadership internally and with partner companies.

         Work on complex “coopetition scenarios” with partners, defining areas of cooperation or technical integration work for customers or partners needs.


Your Experience & preferred qualifications

         Experience in growing existing business and also developing new, innovative, and disruptive partnerships.

         Scrappy with the ability to operate with start-up resources and mindset.

         Experience in Cloud and Security Markets, working with Google as a strategic partner.

         Experience in building meaningful product partnerships and ecosystems.

         Bachelor’s degree in a related field (management, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics or Finance) or equivalent practical experience.

         MBA or graduate degree in management or technical field (optional).

         7+ years’ experience in one or more of the following: Product Management, Partnerships, Alliances or Engineering.



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