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Oblong Industries

Unrated | Los Angeles, CA | Computer Software | 51 to 200 Employees
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Creator of Mezzanine™: Share any content, from any device, with anyone, anywhere.

Oblong is transforming the way people work, create, and collaborate. We’re developing radically innovative technology that is changing the face of computing. The era of one human, one mouse, one screen, one machine is giving way to what’s next: a fully shared and unified experience among multiple users, devices, screens, and locations, via a groundbreaking spatial interface. Here at Oblong we’re creating “real reality”, launching our ideas first seen in Minority Report and Iron Man into real life products and systems used by organizations including NASA, Boeing, IBM, Accenture, and Beats Music.

We’re looking for curious, creative, and adventurous software engineers who want to hack on distributed applications and high-performance graphics that will deliver our technology to the masses. Our engineers face a myriad of challenges hacking on an operating system that defies the confines of space. You’ll engage in radically new design and development work, and you might find yourself designing synchronization algorithms for a real-time interactive, distributed system or building a UI that spans seamlessly across many displays and machines while also responding to multiple input devices.

At Oblong, what we create isn’t just for movies; we are building technology that will change the future of human-machine interaction.

Gender Diversity Stats

Information about gender diversity has been provided by Oblong Industries



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Benefits & Perks

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Schedules & Flexibility

  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Unlimited sick leave
  • Flexible work hours available

Family Leave

  • 6 weeks fully paid maternity leave
  • 6 weeks fully paid adoptive leave
  • We give our employees 6 weeks of paid leave if you are the primary caregiver of a newborn or newly adopted child, or a child newly placed with you in foster care, and 2 weeks of paid leave if you are a secondary caregiver.

Family Support

  • We pay 100% of the premiums to cover our employees and their families with top-tier, PPO-based medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Wellness Initiatives

  • Tobacco-free workplace
  • Standing and/or walking desks
  • Subsidized healthy food

Office perks

  • Occasional social activities
  • Pet-friendly office
  • Subsidized food

Jobs at Oblong Industries

Oblong Industries has no jobs listed at this time.

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Oblong Industries is a computer software company headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA area that employs 51 to 200 people. InHerSight collects anonymous employer ratings and reviews from women for companies like Oblong Industries and shares that information publicly to empower working women to make better decisions about their careers and where they work.

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