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Share your insights about what it's like for women working at michaels-stores.

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Personal Development

Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

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Family Support

Family Support

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N/A Ability to Telecommute
N/A Company Responsiveness
N/A Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
N/A Family Growth Support
N/A Female Representation in Top Leadership
N/A Flexible Work Hours
N/A Learning Opportunities
N/A Management Opportunities for Women
N/A Maternity and Adoptive Leave
N/A Paid Time Off
N/A Salary Satisfaction
N/A Social Activities and Environment
N/A Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
N/A The People You Work With
N/A Wellness Initiatives

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Tell us in your own words what it's like for women working at michaels-stores.

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