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Family Support

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The head manager at the oak street location in Milwaukie OR is an honest good man who works hard and has 3 daughters of his own. He equally disributes work, responsibility and accountability. I have dealt with very pesonal health issues including a miscarriage while employed here and he did not ask a single word about details. Just asked if I would like to talk person to person when he saw the look on my face. I honesly feel like he will do anything within reason to make this the best first job of you life or the best career if you try.

Very Satisfied Rater

I'm a fast food worker I don't expect much. I am grateful that McDonald's decided to give me a job, but I feel like I am not growing there. I am just doing repetitive tasks everyday.

Indifferent Rater

McDonalds treats their people well but don’t expect to get past manager positions if you’re a woman unless you’re in Marketing or Digital.

Indifferent Rater

Mysoginistic language was common, I was groped, harassed, and belittled, with very little response or repercussion given to the men who did so.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Every McDonald's restaurant is different. I worked at a privately owned one. Sexual harassment was a daily to weekly concern; especially with the managers harassing the crew members. Two managers in particular, touched and groped males and females on a regular basis, but it happen a lot more on the evening and night shifts were they were most likely to be alone with younger crew members. Another male manager who made verbal sexual comments was promoted as store manager days after he made a joke about wanting to watch a crew member get raped by a car of customers. Every time an incident got reported, the most that happened was the person had a talking to, but the harassment never stopped. I worked there for many years.

Unsatisfied Rater


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