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While I was there, the McDonald's corporate team was full of female managers and leaders. Unfortunately, senior leaders stayed to retirement. So executive positions rarely opened up. I left to advance my career. But I miss their culture of valuing diversity, inclusion, and merit.

Very Satisfied Rater

the downsides are what i would expect from an American fast food. the good out way the bad and until laws in America change it will stay the same.

Satisfied Rater

I am a department manager and the people who are above me are childish. It's either drama of some one bringing home into wrk oh wait no it's never about work with them then one manager has a chip on they're shoulder and makes it known that they are to be dealt with. I'm not saying it's all bad it just goes against the way I think because I am a live n let live peacefully person I want to see/help people smile and have fun... but I constantly have panic attacks n chew all my nails off because the manager texts being sent out constanly when I Wrk on the opposite shift I get home at 1am most nights because we have to deep clean and pull all equipment with the help of teenagers mind you when they're shift pulls nothing n runs labor up and the fact that they have 2-3 managers on duty at all times n I have me as management... upper management has known about all problems for at least 6 months I know it takes a while to do anything in the business world but it was a good stater job to help me experience the things I needed to so I could move on n be stonger and be able to handle more at my next job. Like calling the cops nightly on meth/opanin(idk if that's how u spell it)/crack heads because they asking for money from ppl in drive thru or they have needles falling outta they're bags or even the guy who was fighting his shoe because the ground had electricity coming out of the ground... Haha it wasn't all bad I did actually learn alot no matter how sarcastic I am about it and I do like most of the people. To finish it easy to move up if you don't mind getting mentally and verbally abused.

Unsatisfied Rater

It was a good job, most of my managers were fair and willing to work and pull their weight

Anonymous Rater

Different treatment of male and female employees, a ton of favoritism for males.

Unsatisfied Rater


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