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If you don't have children and can dedicate a large amount of time you will be rewarded. If you're a mother, or are planning a family if you don't have outside support it can be difficult to find work/life balance.

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It's your basic retail hours. Extended hours on certain holidays and weekends. They hire and move people up in the company from within. Main concern is working at a store during a week day alone for 10 hours. There's no security alarm or panic button, so it can feel unsafe at times.

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Answers to questions regarding female specific policies are nonexistent.

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If you feel the desire to work alone with long periods of time (even days) without any customers then this may be the match for a position. You are certainly empowered to make the job what you want but unless you have the sales performance numbers you will not be assigned to the highest traffic stores. Even then store assignments are shifted quarterly and may even favor for those in position of an Area Manager (whose performance numbers are significantly lower than yours.)

You will be expected to move beds that weigh over 50 pounds along with sensation you are cleaning something all the time. Stores can can get dirty quickly if not maintained and often you are calling multiple times for pest control (rats, mice, ants) or maintenance. The male associates will often state casual sexist comments in how you (female) must like to clean or provide"TLC" to the stores. You clean because it is a business imperative to attract and keep customers...and what else will you do with 10 to 11 hour shifts.

When bringing to attention to leadership, loss prevention, Human Resources the unsafe conditions at stores for lighting, proximity of doors for escape route, inability to quickly lock down doors or access to phone, you are met with lack of empathy or even a listening ear to hear your perspective or experience. They will work with you in assignments to stores you have comfort, but you will not feel like your opinion matters in making the environment safe for everyone.

Regardless of being male or female, you will be propositioned by customers. Some may be gracious and ask for forgiveness in their embarrassment since you are professionally asking them questions of health, comfort and support. Others will be graphic to shock you with sensual positions. One female associate was sexually attacked by a male customer who wanted to test every bed; he had knowledge of the store's lack of shoppers inside and outside the walkway.

Unsatisfied Rater

There seems to be a well-diversified group of people in my region, and from what I can tell, across the country. There is a female-led leadership program that takes initiative to hold the company accountable for inclusiveness and fairness in the training and promotion processes. However, it has the rotten smell of chauvinism and sexism permeating every level of the corporate ladder, and this politically affected my job and personal life to an alarming degree, no matter the professional standard I tried to maintain in all interactions. The lengths to which some women went to achieve their higher statuses was at times appalling. Those who tried to tread a path of integrity were inevitably bullied by corporate leaders, who, again in my perspective, were all men. They seemed to carry a weight visible only to the other women who either took the same path, or, like myself, chose to leave with my dignity still intact. The company itself is successful, and by all accounts, follows the rules as transparently as needed; that being said, they know what they can get away with that remains unseen, keeping the lucrative aspects of the business safe. This sacrifices their sense of humor and humanity, which I suppose is the most common feature of a giant corporate culture.

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Improving Lives One Relationship at a Time


In 1986, three incredible individuals came together over borrowed pool furniture with an idea – a vision to create an unsurpassed guest experience that would revolutionize the bedding industry. That same year, their vision became a reality with the opening of the first store in Houston, Texas on July 4th and remains true to this day.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mattress Firm Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: MFRM), has since transformed to 3500+ store locations and is comprised of three of the most unique and successful specialty bedding retail brands in the world – Mattress Firm, Sleepy’s and Sleep Train. Together, we seek to improve lives one relationship at a time – with Integrity, Service and Passion guiding the way.

Opportunities at Mattress Firm
At Mattress Firm, we believe strongly in promoting from within and offer a wide variety of opportunities, including:

– Retail Store Management
– Logistics
– Accounting
– eCommerce
– Merchandising
– Human Resources
– Finance and Analytics
– Marketing

…and many more!

At Mattress Firm, we reward success and foster a culture of fun and friendship. There has never been a better time to see what a mattress can mean to you!

Interested in career opportunities with Mattress Firm? Visit us at or email us at today!

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