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Lowe's Companies, Inc

2.5 | Mooresville, NC | Retail | 5001 to 10000 Employees

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Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

3.4 Paid Time Off
3.1 The People You Work With
3.0 Equal Opportunities for Men and Women
2.8 Management Opportunities for Women
2.8 Maternity and Adoptive Leave
2.7 Female Representation in Top Leadership
2.6 Salary Satisfaction
2.4 Learning Opportunities
2.3 Wellness Initiatives
2.3 Social Activities and Environment
2.2 Flexible Work Hours
2.1 Family Growth Support
2.1 Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
1.6 Ability to Telecommute

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After I had my daughter, I had to use a manual breast pump in the customer bathroom because that was the better option out of my 2 choices! Did you hear that weird squeaking sound? Yeah, that was just one of the employees pumping in stall #3! To top it off, there was this heater from hell that would come on like every 10 minutes & it was in the midst of summer. If that location wasn't adequate, I could perch my lumpy self on some boxes in a storage room that had no lock. No thank you! Risk anyone seeing my newly acquired flab, not if my life time!
They provide sick time & you are allowed 5 incidents a year, which should be sufficient; but wasn't for me & my asthmatic child. After the maximum # of incidents, you are getting a write up regardless of doctors notes... I eventually got FMLA when she entered kindergarten because I couldn't handle all the pressure. FMLA is no walk in the park with Lowe's, you have to check in with the HR manager once every 2 weeks with your documentation even if there was no time off in that 2 weeks. Funny thing is, after kindergarten, she got sick as frequently as a normal healthy person, but after kindergarten; I was gone. It is an industry full of men in leadership. Look at who makes up their board, all men. There was the occasional manager in the store, that happened to be a lady; but out of the 3 I saw in my store in 7 years... One of them definitely earned her way up in the degrading fashion.
I still have some very close people in my life loyal to Lowe's. Unfortunately, they have not started treating their people better in the years after I left. In fact, they decided just this year that department managers are no longer a position that they needed. They put them all on a 1 year hourglass, once the last grain drops, they will be let go. From their prior actions, it's quite apparent that the ones let go in Jan 2018 will be viciously demoted. They will ensure that they won't be paying unemployment or severance packages. If those employees are selected for a different position in the company, than the hourglass is shattered. It was beyond stressful feeling like you could be let go at any point, that is when I was introduced to the delightful sensation of panic attacks. So grateful that those stopped when I said goodbye to the home improvement giant. There is plenty more to be said of them, but if you're still reading this, you either work there & totally agree with me - or you have been wooed by some lovely benefits & perhaps a decent wage. To both of you, good luck, you can escape. I've been free since 2013!!

Very Unsatisfied Rater

There is a lot of sexism in all of the Lowes stores in the area. There is a woman regional manager, but there is constant berating of her by EVERY SINGLE male manager that I have had. Women are expected to tidy up the store while the men do the heavy lifting. The culture is very outdated and it is obvious this store will not last in the years to come when a better generation requires more equality.

Unsatisfied Rater

I liked it there but management didn't take care of issues or problems a lot of high school drama.

Indifferent Rater

Company does not allocate enough resources to back up their motto "help people love where they live" putting pressure on associates to fulfill the motto and sales forcast by overworking.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Working here seems great at first. You are paid well considering the competition. But when the promotion you've been hoping for for over a year becomes open and you apply... you are depressed because they won't even interview you because you are a female and a man with less experience and time with the company will get that job. Not fair! Working hard here for almost 3 years got me no where because my balls are on the inside!

Very Unsatisfied Rater


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