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2.4 | Cincinnati, OH | Retail | 5001 to 10000 Employees

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Personal Development

Personal Development

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

3.3 Management Opportunities for Women
3.3 Equal Opportunities for Men and Women
3.1 Female Representation in Top Leadership
2.7 Paid Time Off
2.7 The People You Work With
2.5 Flexible Work Hours
2.4 Learning Opportunities
2.3 Maternity and Adoptive Leave
2.1 Salary Satisfaction
2.0 Family Growth Support
2.0 Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
1.9 Wellness Initiatives
1.9 Social Activities and Environment
1.8 Ability to Telecommute

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Management was very disjointed and low level managers did not answer to higher level managers directly. Low level manager was incredibly sexist and was never reprimanded despite frequent reports.

Unsatisfied Rater

My department in particular is very diverse about half women half men. Only two departments in the store are headed by women, however people bid on those jobs and receive them based on seniority because we have a union. Our store management is exclusively male, although Kroger seems to be putting more women into their management programs there are stores with no female management. The store has made improvements in putting women into most departments, I think only 2 currently lack female department members (however only 2 people work in these departments regularly so women occasionally pick up shifts there). We do have one department with only women (Well just the one the works it. Ha.) Although the patriarchy does indeed exist There, we are working on it, and I have seen my particular store make advances over the past 10+ years.

Satisfied Rater

Kroger is pretty female friendly.

Satisfied Rater

Minimum wage, harassment of team leaders to employees, sexist and degrading comments about women, bullying, no paid time off, no lactation rooms, and no maternity leave.

Unsatisfied Rater

The biggest issues here are not gender specific. I have had a ton of opportunities to grow here - the developer community has none of the usual sexism I've experienced elsewhere. People here are so helpful and open to collaboration and learning, which is awesome. So from that perspective, it's great. Schedules are pretty flexible in terms of taking time off. It would be a good place to work if you're a parent, since most people here have families and understand. The biggest issues revolve around salary and not having the tools to do my job. I have had to get by without some really basic tools for long periods of time because of how hard it is to get equipment, software, etc. I had to supply my own hard drive and thumb drives, and we have no cloud storage at all. I have to work around the security team's absurd and ineffective policies to do my job. Things that should be easy are ridiculously difficult because of these basic issues. I am also making at least 30-40,000 less than I should be for my position and experience, but because the company is so big and influential in the area, no recruiter will attempt to place me due to their working relationship with the company. I've had them actually tell me, "I'd love to work with you, we could easily place you, but unless you quit I can't." This means I'm effectively stuck here until I save up enough to quit.

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