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Personal Development

Personal Development

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

3.3 Management Opportunities for Women
3.3 Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
3.2 Female Representation in Top Leadership
2.8 The People You Work With
2.7 Paid Time Off
2.6 Flexible Work Hours
2.4 Learning Opportunities
2.3 Maternity and Adoptive Leave
2.2 Salary Satisfaction
2.0 Wellness Initiatives
2.0 Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
2.0 Family Growth Support
1.9 Social Activities and Environment
1.7 Ability to Telecommute

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They worked me like a dog, paid me next to nothing, expected me to know EVERYTHING on my own when I was less than 2 months into the job and they didn't teach me everything I needed to know, my employers didn't seem to care about the fact that my coworkers we're incredibly hostile to me (they even went so far as to threaten me with violence, and nothing was done about it), and the hours weren't great. You'd either always get evening shift, or morning shift, no in between even when it was available.

Unsatisfied Rater

My company is so hostile to pregnant women/ women with babies I never let them know I was pregnant. I only took two weeks off. I still am known as an attendance problem a year later. I did in fact file FMLA paperwork. I still nearly lost my position and lost seniority for a while. My direct superior talks all of the time about how women of child bearing age are unreliable and should not be promoted. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

My store likes to switch managers from different locations a lot. 3/6 of the top managers used to be women, but now it's only 1/6. That's a small sample size though. There seems to be a slight favor for stereotypical gender roles when it comes to department placement. For example: starbucks, bakery, and deli are all in the same department, but there are many more women in Starbucks and bakery and then more men in deli. I have also only seen men work in the meat and seafood department, and only 1/6 of the overnight stockers is female. I'm not sure if this is just coincidence, if less women apply to those two positions, or what the gender distribution is at other stores.

Very Satisfied Rater

Maternity and family leave policies leave much to be desired!

Indifferent Rater

I have been at Kroger for over 12 years and have been capped out for at least 5 years now. That's my only complaint with the company.

Indifferent Rater


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