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Speaking specifically about the Chicago operation - it is not a female-friendly culture. Concerns over inappropriate behavior or derogatory words and actions -- no matter how subtle, are not addressed. A small slap of the wrist and all is forgiven. When you have senior men who (even jokingly) question your "ability to work with numbers"; and subtlety make offensive, off-color comments, it becomes toxic, demeaning. Women of all ages and backgrounds deserve better.

Unsatisfied Rater

Edelman like most agencies is male-centric. Snide comments about women's abilities and lack of discipline when harassment issues are raised. If you are a super cool ad guy or creative- you are untouchable.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

I truly enjoy working here and would love to continue, but need to be recognized for changes in my career and development of late. The company is wonderful and supportive overall, but I am hoping to move up as I am ambitious

Very Satisfied Rater

This is a good place to work and Edelman is one of the best in the business. No real complaints but like any large agency, it all depends on your team. Edelman expects a lot. As a former intern, I would advise new members to really look out for themselves, there are a lot of opportunities and bright minds here, but I would not say employees feel especially valued -- this is typical of agencies though. Overall, it's a good environment if you can handle agency life.

Satisfied Rater

The company claims to be female friendly. They have lactation rooms. There's a woman at the top in NY. Most of the staff is female. But don't be fooled. This place is run for and by men. They all wear black. It's their cult. Women who do make it far up the food chain swallow the patriarchy pill and can be even more cruel and unhelpful to the women below them. Backstabbing prevails. Lying by omission is common. It's highly political. Sucking up is rewarded more than good work. Since all work is billed hourly, woe be to the parent who has to leave early to attend a school event or a kids' doctor's appointment or even a family emergency. Working from home--which they claim to support--is actually frowned upon. Women who speak up are described as pushy. A truly toxic environment.

Very Unsatisfied Rater


Mind the [Gender] Gap


At Edelman, GWEN isn’t just the name of our Global Women’s Executive Network and task force. It’s our goal. Because we’re not just global in size -we’re global in scope. We think across many cultures and many countries. Which is why Edelman is about growth – both personal and professional.

We created GWEN as a recruiting, collaborating and career planning group for women within Edelman. The objective is increasing the presence of women at the most senior levels of the company – from 35 percent to 50 percent women in leadership within five years.

Because at Edelman we actively encourage women to take a leadership role. But we’re also concerned with creating an environment whereby women are encouraged to lead and succeed. Which is why GWEN seeks to mentor, advocate, educate and create policies and career paths. We’re committed to giving the women at Edelman every opportunity for impact in the work place.

We want to be the force that helps clear the gap – and the helping hand on the other side.


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