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Personal Development

Personal Development

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

5.0 Learning Opportunities
5.0 Management Opportunities for Women
5.0 Social Activities and Environment
5.0 The People You Work With
4.8 Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
4.8 Salary Satisfaction
4.8 Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
4.7 Maternity and Adoptive Leave
4.5 Ability to Telecommute
4.5 Paid Time Off
4.3 Flexible Work Hours
4.3 Wellness Initiatives
4.0 Female Representation in Top Leadership
3.7 Family Growth Support
N/A Company Responsiveness

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Love it at DesignMap. Everyone is incredibly smart and supportive, women and men included.

Very Satisfied Rater

DesignMap is super invested in making our company a well-rounded and inclusive workplace! I've never felt discriminated against or excluded based on my gender. When I first started at DM, I was one of four women total in the company. As we have grown through the years we have added so many talented women to our team. We are now over 50% women!

Super awesome perks:
Women's discussion groups on slack
We host women-centric meetups and networking events
Family leave for everyone is pretty flexible
Women's bathroom is stocked with tampons, pads, etc (no awkward sneaking off to the bathroom trying to keep a tampon up your sleeve)
Pretty lax dress code – people look nice and put together, but no need to wear heels!

Overall pretty great place to be a woman!

Very Satisfied Rater


Software Design for the Enterprise


DesignMap is a user experience firm that focuses on partnering with clients to get successful products into the market. We do user research, interaction and visual design, and can deliver front-end code. We’re big fans of the idea of “consumerization of the enterprise”, where high UX standards meet wicked-hard problems, and have lots of examples to share of our success in those areas during our nine years in business.

Our client list includes enterprises like Wells Fargo, Bloomberg, and Aetna. Many of our engagements today focus on SaaS platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and infrastructure like SignalFx, CloudGenix, and Docker.

Women at DesignMap

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