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CVS Health

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Personal Development

Personal Development

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

Management Opportunities for Women
Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
Female Representation in Leadership
The People You Work With
Paid Time Off
Overall Satisfaction
Maternity and Adoptive Leave
Employer Responsiveness
Flexible Work Hours
Learning Opportunities
Salary Satisfaction
Wellness Initiatives
Family Growth Support
Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
Ability to Telecommute
Social Activities and Environment

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The best company I have ever worked for in my 46 years

Very Satisfied Rater

CVS is great I'm respects to helping customers on their path to better health. But when it comes to employees, if you aren't running the company, you're not important. Anyone under director level has no say and if you're under management level, you can guarantee no one cares. The personal insurance is terrible. If you want to take a day off, you're interrogated about it. There are no luxuries. If you're lucky enough to get a promotion, you're capped at 12 percent raise. Which means they keep you low as long as you're there. Try being with the company for 10 years, finally getting salary and still not breaking 50k per year. Manager was told about a rude supervisor making comments like "bend over and take it" and he still works there. Bonuses aren't completely funded because they're too busy buying up any company they can get away with to keep investors happy. But they can't even pay their employees fair wages, let alone bonuses. This company sucks.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Customer support service building is male dominant when it comes to management. Beautiful building with potential for more amenities. No flexibility with schedules, time off or leave. Healthy food options, but no gym on site. Classes for leadership offered at other locations, but no time off allowed to attend.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

It is a great place to work, all staff is very friendly and supportive of one another, it is a great place to work for especially when looking into growth in your career!

Satisfied Rater
Early Career

They will hire externally and put someone with zero knowledge in positions above you before they'll promote any internal colleagues. If you want to grow, you're better off quitting and then re applying.

Indifferent Rater

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