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Large percentage of senior management is white males. I felt that I had a fair chance of being promoted to management within my department, but would have to work twice as hard to make it to senior management. Some of the male brokers I worked with treated me like a personal secretary and made inappropriate sexist comments during meetings.

Indifferent Rater

WIN (Women's Integrated Network) is a bit of a joke, at least at the corporate HQ. All senior level women talking down to women who are early in their careers about how to be more helpful and telling them to delegate out what they don't want to do...when most of those women are the people those women delegate to. Their advice if you don't have a supportive boss is to re-evaluate if you really want to work there. A whole lot of looking good on paper, but not really anything in reality.

Recent spate of national promotions were all white guys. Good news is that they're aware that there is a problem; remains to be seen if those initiatives will produce any improvement.

Unsatisfied Rater

I cannot speak for the overall company, but in my experience working for them as a contractor in a pharmaceutical lab, their treatment of men and women who work on their crew is unprofessional and unacceptable. Certain members of management are definitely at fault. Many employees are exploited and taken advantage of. The benefits that they offer as a company is the bare minimum. Trying to speak with or reach HR requires personally investigation as it is not shared as common knowledge to their employees. Most of the working crew in this particular location are blocked from advancing their careers.

Unsatisfied Rater

Men are given different options and opportunities that women are not. Men seem to network and cut through the red tape much faster than women; especially if the male is in an executive role. The training in my field is extremely rare. Within my industry, my company wants "young" Male Talent, and are not exactly willing to seek out women to promote and mentor especially in Commercial Real Estate. Women are supposed to be in Residential and the Men in Commercial. Those lines are getting thinner, but it is still a mans world in my field. Also, it is unreal that a person who is 50-65 years of age is discriminated against on job sites and applications. There are specific red flags that alert hiring departments to "relevant" of age people. I would also like the "what ethnic" background are you taken out of applications. If am qualified, who cares what my skin color is. And yes, the red flag alerts to that too. Thank you....

Satisfied Rater

Very clear division of roles between males and females. Men were always in leadership and management positions while the women were always in support roles and predominately office-bound.

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