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CB Insights

4.1 | New York City, NY | Internet | 51 to 200 Employees
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We encourage women to leave anonymous comments about their experience at CB Insights. First-hand reviews can give you an idea of individual experiences.


CB Insights is a very balanced work place. I am challenged in my work while also achieving a work life balance. Unlike previous jobs I've held, I have time and energy to focus on my life outside of work.

I also feel safe and respected as a woman. I am supported by my female coworkers and respected by my male coworkers.

CB Insights is a great fit for me and was exactly what I was looking for.

Very Satisfied Rater

CB Insights is a great place to work and grow in your career. The people here are fantastic, we have an amazing product, upper management knows what they are doing and people really enjoy it here!

Very Satisfied Rater

Disappointing to say the least. Don't speak up if you want people to like you. Men are able to speak freely. Women are judged. Very unfortunate as they have an amazing product to sell.
New ideas or change to broken processes and leave a bad taste in the mouth are not welcome or even recognized as an issue worth fixing. Departure from the values they preach when you are hired. Helpful is a characteristic they sing about. In practice, it is not welcome.
They push all hires to leave a review on Glassdoor when they reach the 90th day of employment. Sales staff is in constant fear of job loss. Very cramped office. Not confidential management. Limited flexibility for those with families, PTO has to be used for family events. With only 15 days and rarely an option to work from home until after a year you are not left with much vacation time. Very conceited CEO. Other founder is a good guy but not the public face of the company.

Unsatisfied Rater

CB Insights has a terrific and supportive office environment, with highly inclusive social events, opportunities for education, and mentorship between teams. The working hours are also relatively flexible, and everyone is incredibly respectful and helpful.

Very Satisfied Rater

I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the CB Insights team. Although there are things that the company is working to improve (as there are at any company, especially start-ups and tech companies), none of them have to do with the treatment of women. I feel like I have a lot of opportunity in front of me, and a very supportive team working alongside me.

Satisfied Rater
CB Insights logo

To make the right decisions, you need to know the facts. And where and how to find them.

At CB Insights, we believe that using facts over feelings is key to answering your most complex, strategic business questions.

So we use machine intelligence to synthesize, analyze and visualize millions of documents and give you fast, fact-based insights. We give companies the power to take control, make better decisions—and capitalize on change.

Gender Diversity Stats

Information about gender diversity has been provided by CB Insights


Senior Leadership



Benefits & Perks

This information is provided by CB Insights


Schedules & Flexibility

  • 15 paid time off days/year (average)
  • Unlimited sick leave
  • 8 paid holidays/year
  • Occasional remote work available

Training & Education

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • On-site training opportunities
  • Conference reimbursement

Career Support

  • Women's affiliate group

Family Leave

  • 12 weeks fully paid maternity leave
  • 8 weeks fully paid paternity leave
  • 8 weeks fully paid adoptive leave

Family Support

  • Dedicated lactation facilities

Wellness Initiatives

  • Tobacco-free workplace
  • Standing and/or walking desks
  • Subsidized healthy food
  • Yoga and/or meditation
  • On-site yearly flu shot

Office perks

  • Frequent social activities
  • Company retreats
  • Subsidized food
  • - Training and Career Growth
  • - Yearly Education Stipend
  • - 401(k) with 4% Matching
  • - Subsidized Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • - Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit
  • - Paid Parental Leave
  • - Lunch Stipend
  • - Breakfast & Snacks
  • - Awesome Team Building/Happy Hour Events
  • - XBox & WII

Jobs at CB Insights

Full-time | New York City, NY
CB Insights is an internet company headquartered in the New York City, NY area that employs 51 to 200 people. CB Insights has a 4.1-star InHerSight Score, based on 262 ratings from 18 current or former employees. 7 participants left comments about their experience working for the company. InHerSight collects anonymous employee ratings and reviews from women for companies like CB Insights and shares that information publicly to empower working women to make better decisions about their careers and where they work.

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