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Cafe Zupas

3.2 | Restaurants | 501 to 1000 Employees
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What our users are saying about working for Cafe Zupas


The work I actually performed here was very satisfying and "fun" if you're into the food service game. I was good at my job and liked doing it. However, corporate leadership was extremely unprofessional. On multiple occasions, I was told by my manager that he was giving me a raise only for that raise to not be reflected on my paycheck for months with no retroactive pay. Corporate would raise their starting pay without reflecting that change to current employees, so we ended up having seasoned, trusted line workers being paid less than essentially useless trainees. A week before I left, I (a shift lead whose duties included: early/late hours, weekend/night shifts, line work, inventory and other clerical duties, training employees, and dealing with rude customers, not to mention the fact that I had been working there for four years and due to different circumstances was trained not only as a line server and shift lead, but also a hospitality manager, a culinary manager, a catering driver, a catering coordinator, a dishwasher, a prep cook, AND an operating partner [essentially I could run the store by myself, and on occasion took over for the operating partner (the head honcho for the location) while he was on vacation]) was being paid less per hour than our dishwasher, who worked three nights a week and whose duties included showing up, washing dishes, and going home.

Furthermore, during my employment a girl was promoted to operating partner who I believe had no business being in any leadership position ever. She was unprofessional, a poor leader, ruled with an (unnecessary) iron fist, put numbers before people (in a business proven time and time again that happy+motivated employees, most of whom are sensitive high schoolers = really, really impressively high results), and generally just downright RUDE. Upon finding out that I was leaving, 3/4 of our evening line servers also put in their two weeks' notice because I had been their buffer and advocate against this manager.

Other downsides included unethical practices from corporate, awful scheduling, "homework" for which you didn't receive any pay, and being forced to compensate for your manager's ability to prevent turnover.

TL;DR: Zupas is an okay place to work, provided you end up with one of the good managers that cares about you and will fight for you against corporate to receive fair pay. Otherwise, don't bother.

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