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Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

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Family Support

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I’ve been with Bright Horizons for over 15 years. Can’t imagine working for a better or more supportive Early Childhood Education company. From employee benefits to incredible growth opportunities it’s the BEST place to be in the ECE field. Low turnover rates, supportive leaders, high quality programs.

Very Satisfied Rater

For the most part, Bright Horizons employs women in all jobs. It's actually predominantly women, which can be difficult sometimes for men to share the work place. Overall, it is a great place for families. We do not have the best salaries, but it's not about money. Though more would help all of us doing our jobs exceptionally well.

Satisfied Rater

Overall a great place to work!

Satisfied Rater

This company is consistently ranked as a top company to work for, however this is representative of the corporate lifestyle. Large bonuses for corporate employees while those working at centers can barely make a living. Small raises and very ineffective management.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Childcare is primarily dominated by women, and BH is no different. If I need a tampon, no problem. They've got them in the bathroom and if not I can call the front desk. They are pretty bad about giving potty breaks in a timely manner, though. And, like most service industries, they try and guilt you into coming to work even when you're sick. Recently, I was throwing up and therefore it was not safe for me to be around the children (when I'm sick and have to miss work it's because I care about the children; I can't care for them properly if I'm sick and I can't get better if I don't rest. Plus, they'll almost certainly catch whatever it is I have since I work with infants). My boss informed me that it would count against me since it was my third day missing work. I informed her that I was throwing up approximately every thirty minutes and she still seemed to want me to come in. She wanted me to endganger children I care about because staffing was difficult, and I find that very upsetting. I've had staff members tell me they've come in while the have strep throat, even. And that upsets me, too.

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