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A convenient job, but little support from upper management for lower level workers, especially when it comes to medical issues with employees. Other than forcing lower level workers with medical issues to resign or firing after too many medical emergencies, the work environment was decent. Stressful, but there is a lot of stress when it comes to customer service.

Satisfied Rater
Early Career


Satisfied Rater
Early Career

AT&T is a great place to work for someone who has older children who are self sufficient or no children. The pay is good. However, they have a very strict attendance policy. It virtually leaves no room for an unexpected situation that would require a call off... Unless you have FMLA. If not... That's an automatic verbal warning or write up. The shifts go by seniority. If you've been there less than 5 years or so, be ready to work as late as 10pm. Coworkers are great and friendly. Most of management are decent. Some are micro managers though. With all of the money the company makes worldwide, you would think they would invest more into their employees and the buildings. The building I worked in was in horrible condition.

Indifferent Rater

Your best is never enough.

Very Unsatisfied Rater

The pay is great! And that is where the good stuff ends. They pay you enough to put up with being overworked and treated unfairly by management. Half the employees don’t want to work so then when they have a decent manager they get them fired or call union 24/7. Which results in most managers being either complete jerks or lazy and not caring. Area managers don’t take serious the complaints on the truly bad managers though which is completely mind boggling instead they tend to target the good ones... makes absolutely no sense. The job itself isn’t terrible att just sucks at promoting the right people which creates bad work environments. You might have a great asm but they will get fired or leave because the manager is blaming them for everything, or just doesn’t like the competition.

Unsatisfied Rater
Early Career

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AT&T women are making amazing things happen. And from employee networks to women in STEM programs, the tools to do it are right at their fingertips. Plus, we consistently rank among the best companies for diversity and inclusion. So the real question is, want to join us?

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a great way for our employees to connect and share their goals for the future. In fact, our Women of AT&T ERG was founded in 1972 as one of the first employee groups of its kind. So, it’s no surprise that talented women have been making their mark all over our company for decades – creating a positive, empowering environment at AT&T and beyond.

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