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2.8 | Oakland, CA | Design | 51 to 200 Employees
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99designs logo

We’re 99designs, the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace.

We connect more than one million talented freelance designers with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, savvy businesses… anyone who needs great work.

Our journey began with a group of designers who were competing together on the SitePoint forum to create the best designs. In 2008, that friendly competition grew into a unique design marketplace and 99designs was born. Today, a new design is uploaded to our platform every 1.5 seconds—earning our global community of artists more than $150M to date.

Gender Diversity Stats

Information about gender diversity has been provided by 99designs



Senior Leadership


Benefits & Perks

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Schedules & Flexibility

  • 10 paid time off days/year (average)
  • Unlimited sick leave
  • 10 paid holidays/year
  • Flexible work hours available
  • Frequent remote work available

Training & Education

  • On-site training opportunities
  • Conference reimbursement

Family Leave

  • 1 weeks fully paid maternity leave
  • 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave
  • 1 weeks fully paid paternity leave
  • 12 weeks unpaid paternity leave
  • 1 weeks fully paid adoptive leave
  • 12 weeks unpaid adoptive leave

Family Support

  • Dedicated lactation facilities

Wellness Initiatives

  • Gym membership subsidy
  • Standing and/or walking desks
  • Subsidized healthy food
  • On-site fitness classes and/or equipment

Office perks

  • Game room
  • Pet-friendly office
  • Company retreats
  • Subsidized food

Jobs at 99designs

99designs has no jobs listed at this time.

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99designs is a design company headquartered in the Oakland, CA area that employs 51 to 200 people. 99designs has a 2.8-star InHerSight Score, based on 30 ratings from a confidential number of current or former employees. InHerSight collects anonymous employer ratings and reviews from women for companies like 99designs and shares that information publicly to empower working women to make better decisions about their careers and where they work.

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