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Personal Development

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Career Opportunities

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Family Support

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The knowledge that salaries are still not transparent but as a top performer my salary is extremely low for the same job as my peers. My director is afraid to engage women as he thinks we are walking HR issues. The industry is male dominated so the culture is very male centric. Women in leadership roles are the type who pull up the ladder behind them. An inquiry into mentorship was responded by a woman director that "you'll never be my peer or my boss".

Very Unsatisfied Rater

Very high turnover of young women, and there aren't many opportunities for advancement beyond transferring to a sister station. Schedule is usually dictated. Treatment by management is not always equal or particularly courteous.

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FOX 13 News in Tampa, Florida is a 21st Century FOX owned-and-operated local news station. We have the benefits of a multi-national company with a locally-owned feel. The company offers unlimited (there are some restrictions) paid sick leave, which can include maternity, along with some other great health/personal benefits. The news business naturally puts some limitation on things like telecommuting and other flexibility. Those are things we sign up for, but the managers here make every effort to be flexible with things like scheduling vacation and generally understanding life happens outside the walls of work.

Women are under-represented in management, but not as much as other places I've worked. And I feel I have as much likelihood of landing a manager's job as my male counterparts. My pay is more than fair, especially considering the benefits, and raises are given yearly. I get daily, constructive criticism and praise, and quarterly individual and group meetings to officially evaluate progress, too.

I would say my job here is the best I've had, for many reasons.

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