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I received an employment offer letter for a job that posted the position offered a salary range between A & B. I applied and they've offered me B. Can I/should still try to negotiate/counter offer for a 7.2% increase on B even though the range offered was between A and B? I really want the job and will accept the offer regardless but want ...
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My department has undergone a re-org where my position is currently being eliminated. I have a 5+ years of construction project management experience and 2 years of creative project management experience but do not qualify for the PM position they've created. I've been looking for project management positions outside of the construction industry/architecture industry but am not seeing a lot out there where my ...
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I was recently laid off, as a teacher. I am new to the field and am getting my license approved but the process has stopped because from my job status. There won’t be many viable openings until next year spring. I’m even considering changing careers, altogether. Teaching is great but doesn’t pay the bills in this city. What should I do?
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