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Walmart Faces Discrimination Lawsuits From Hundreds of Employees

Yet again, Walmart is up against a myriad of sexual discrimination lawsuits. As of February 1st, over 100 current and previous workers filed gender discrimination lawsuits against the retailer, citing unequal pay and lack of opportunity in management positions for women. Many women feel stuck in their positions, having trained male colleagues who end up surpassing them on the leadership ladder and earning more than them. This isn’t the first time Walmart has received complaints about discrimination either. In 2001, the Walmart Stores v. Dukes case was filed representing 1.5 million Walmart employees, making it the largest employment class action lawsuit in US history. The class action detailed female employees’ frustrations with the lack of promotion opportunities, denial of equal pay, and the fact that men were usually placed in higher positions, with women typically remaining in cashier and associate roles. Ultimately, the Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that the lawsuit was too large to constitute a class action lawsuit. Lindsey Wagner, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, says that this new lawsuit is just the beginning, “These women are just a snapshot of the women intent to file these claims around the country. There are a multitude of lawyers working together to help these women achieve justice.”


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