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  1. Blog
  2. Partners in Diversity
  3. July 6, 2023

Match Made: Not Sure Whether to Accept a Job Offer? These 16 People Share Why They Said ‘Yes’

“I sensed a remarkable feeling of acceptance”

InfoTrust employee
Photo courtesy of InfoTrust

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

A great company means something different to everyone, which is why InHerSight matches users to companies based on their desired must-haves, such as flexibility, paid time off, salary, remote work, and more.

We wanted to take that concept a step further. For our Match Made series, we asked employees at our partner companies this question: How did you know your company was a good match for you?

These responses not only illustrate the range of must-haves that make up our workforce, but also the diversity of company cultures there are to choose from. Check out these responses below, then, if you like what you see, explore the companies themselves—you might just make a match of your own.

Match Made: InfoTrust

“I knew InfoTrust was the company for me because they are people-centered and people-first in this tech world they live in. I come from a social work background and was looking for something new to support the life I was planning to have but I was worried that in leaving the nonprofit world I wouldn’t find my perfect match. Under InfoTrust, they have a nonprofit foundation where their sense of community responsibility really shines, and overall, the core values of the company are truly followed. I’m a social worker in an administrative role and really got the best of both worlds here!” —Zoe Miller, Office Coordinator

“I knew InfoTrust was a good match for me when I received the list of benefits and the included out-of-the-box benefits that I had never received before. InfoTrust truly cares about us as people.” —Rachel Wilke, Invoicing Specialist

“I knew InfoTrust was the right place for me when I saw in practice how authentically the team lived the company's values, and I recognized how similar they are to my own.” —Pam Castricone, Manager, Data Science

Match Made: Lazer Logistics

“When I read ‘We believe in people and invest in their potential to do great things,’ I immediately felt excited to be a part of and able to contribute to Lazer Logistics’ work culture. I strongly believe in creating a positive people experience, and I know from experience that people who work for a company have the honor and responsibility to build the culture of that company.” —Shivella Schwab, Engagement Manager

“Initially, my interaction with Lazer was through their former insurance broker, the perspective of a vendor. However, when I came across a job opening to work for Lazer, I recognized it as a wonderful opportunity. The support I have received from my manager and upper manager since joining over five years ago has solidified the fact that I made the correct decision. At Lazer, I have the privilege of training and empowering my team, enabling them to thrive and achieve their goals. The success of my team is a reflection of my own, and I am committed to helping them reach their full potential.” —Yolanda Windley, Senior Claims and Compliance Manager

Match Made: Palo Alto Networks

"I was following Palo Alto Networks on social media platforms during my grad school and would often see blog posts about the latest trends in the cybersecurity industry and their product portfolio. As I was focusing on applied machine learning for cybersecurity research during my PhD, I was extremely interested in starting my career at this company. I had the tremendous opportunity to work as a data scientist intern during the summer of 2021 at the Palo Alto Networks research and development organization and witnessed the industry disruptive research that happens here. The importance given to building cutting-edge security products all while promoting a collaborative environment among the employees is what made me return to Palo Alto Networks for a full time position." —Keerthiraj Nagaraj, Staff Data Scientist 

“From the moment I embarked on my initial phone screening with Palo Alto Networks, I sensed a remarkable feeling of acceptance. My recruiter's genuine welcome and encouragement to bring my authentic self to the conversation set the tone for what would become a transformative journey throughout the next five years. As I progressed through the interview process, attended Welcome Day, and collaborated with my team on valuable projects, the impact of our shared value of inclusion only grew more evident.” —Alisha Solis, Global Talent Development Program Lead

“I knew Palo Alto Networks was a good match for me due to its mission, values, and emphasis on innovation. During the interview process, the company's commitment to employee development and a supportive work environment was very clear to me. Overall, Palo Alto Networks demonstrated a strong sense of collaboration, and its track record of success and industry reputation confirmed it as the right fit for me.” —Karina Flores, Corporate Development Analyst

Match Made: Pittsburgh Regional Transit

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, I often utilized Pittsburgh Regional Transit bus service and understood the importance of those services. However, upon starting with the company in 2021, I realized the many other ways in which this company services the community, and I was thrilled to see members at every level of this organization take part in the events. In addition to providing jobs for talent in the Pittsburgh area, I have been able to represent PRT at many social functions. PRT continues to prove that it was a good match for me by giving me the chance to keep making a difference in my community.” —Taylor McBride, Recruiter

Match Made: Procore Technologies

“I knew that Procore was the right place for me to continue to grow my career very early on in the recruiting process. My experience as a candidate was nothing less than sensational. My recruiter provided me with clear and consistent communication, helped prepare me for my conversations, but also shared her confidence that my values were well-aligned with Procore's. I am a leader who strives to always put people first, and Procore's culture recognizes that we are humans first, employees second. From candidate experience to employee experience, Procore's values of openness, ownership, and optimism are reflected through and through.” —Emily D'Andrea, Head of Global Talent Brand

Match Made: Publicis Sapient

“I've had an incredible 24-year journey with this company, filled with invaluable lessons, exceptional leadership, and unwavering support. It's been a match made in heaven, with endless encouragement and growth opportunities. Publicis Sapient has been my rock, nurturing my development and fostering lasting friendships. From associate to VP, I've embraced challenges and triumphs, continuously learning and evolving. This remarkable experience has introduced me to extraordinary individuals who have shaped my path.”—Shireen Alam, Vice President, Agile Program Management

“Collaborating with incredibly smart individuals on innovative solutions keeps me on my toes and ever evolving. No two days are the same. But what resonates most is how Publicis Sapient empowers and celebrates gender diversity. Seeing a supportive environment with so many strong, talented women leaders driving innovation and making a massive impact has been a huge motivator for my personal career growth where I feel I am valued, my ideas are heard, and I can shape what’s next in tech consulting.” —Christina Walkinshaw, Senior Director, Agile Program Management

Match Made: Sunbelt Rentals

“Sunbelt Rentals' main hub being referred to as the ‘Support Office’ proves that we are setting the precedent and leading from behind our workforce by empowering us to be subject matter experts. I am inspired daily by the company's focus on employee resource groups such as W.I.S.E. (focuses on an inclusive culture that empowers women and provides equitable opportunity), diversity, equity, and inclusion task forces, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance. I am one of more than 19,000 employees, but I know that my voice, my wellbeing, and my sense of belonging matter.” —Jada Tucker, Recruiter

“I knew it was a good match when I knew I was hired and trusted to do my job and that I would not be micromanaged. I knew it was a good match when I was able to care for my newborn as a single mother while still working. I knew it was the right company when they didn't reprimand for mistakes but rather assisted when needed. I knew it was the right company when I could call leadership leaders and not bosses but being the example.” —Angelica Miller, Recruiter

“From my first interview to my onsite job visit I knew Sunbelt was the right fit. A great place to work for me would be within a company that cares about and supports its employees while also allowing them the opportunity to grow. Sunbelt is that company. My manager had recently been promoted into her role, as had many other managers alongside her, which showed me that internal growth was an integral part of the company's success. Sunbelt offered competitive compensation and a total rewards package along with premium benefits and a company culture that I genuinely felt since my very first interview. They not only talk the talk. They also walk the walk.” —Jennifer Downs, Regional Recruiting Manager

Match Made: VTS

“For me, it's essential to not only enjoy the work I do but also the people I work with. I knew joining VTS was the right decision when every day, I am surrounded by a team of exceptionally talented colleagues who are deeply passionate about their work and genuinely supportive of one another. Moreover, the company culture fosters an atmosphere of respect and collaboration where different perspectives are encouraged and valued. This cohesive blend is what motivates me each day.” —Rachelle Tai, Lead Product Designer

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