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  1. Blog
  2. Partners in Diversity
  3. March 18, 2024

We Asked 13 Companies How Their Cultures Support Women. Their Answers Are Good!

Team transparency

Team bonding activity
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This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

One recurring theme on InHerSight is us answering the question, How can I tell if a company supports women? For our team, the first response to that query is always “data.” Anonymous employee reviews on our own platform show us whether women feel supported by their employers. 

After the quantitative read, we look at context. Comments from our users, recent headlines, and leadership activity on social media, for instance, provide added insight into what a company believes in—as does the language an employer uses to speak about gender inclusivity.

Our favorite types of messaging to see? Clear, transparent communication around company values and initiatives. So clear that you, the reader, know exactly what you’ll experience before you even submit an application. (Frankly, we hope the initiatives you see compel you to submit an application.)

With that in mind, for our third week of Women’s History Month, we asked our employer partners to answer this question: How does your culture work to make women feel like they belong? 

You’ll notice here that these answers about mentorships, initiatives, training, employee resource groups, and other opportunities check that transparency box perfectly. We have never been prouder. 

Company: Infosys

What they do: Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. Over 300,000 of our people work to amplify human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses, and communities. 

How their culture supports women:

Some of our global and local initiatives that continue to strengthen the participation of women in technology and business include:

  • AI-based structured developmental support to high-potential women in technology.

  • #IamTheFuture: a program by Infosys Leadership Institute to train women for leadership roles, designed as a year-long program in partnership with Stanford GSB.

  • Orbit Next: a program aimed at advancing and empowering women to excel in their careers in the field of technology. Women undergo leadership development interventions, technological trainings, networking, mentoring, opportunities to learn and work on niche technologies and participate in internal as well as external workshops.

  • A strong Return to Work post Maternity program which entails an Infosys’ Maternity Handbook, a service called iMother, Mom’s Net, The Family Matters, Childcare Facilities and more.

  • Restart with Infosys: a launchpad for every professional who has had a break in their career. This is an opportunity for women to reskill and upskill in the new and emerging technologies.

Company: VTS

What they do: VTS is the commercial real estate industry’s only technology company that unifies owners, operators, brokers, and tenants in a single platform to capitalize on opportunities revealed in every square foot of their properties. 

How their culture supports women:

At VTS our culture is amplified by the actions and the progressive vision that guides us. Though not perfect (what corporate culture is?) VTS holds everyone accountable, from our leaders to our new hires. We collectively participate and choose to do the real work toward active change.

We intentionally find opportunities for women in all roles from engineering to sales. We support employees through wellness, learning, and education stipends, providing access to growing skills and training. We acknowledge added strain on working mothers and parents, and address this with flexibility to use wellness stipends toward child care, a generous parental leave policy and return-to-work plan for new parents, flexible PTO, and a wellness room in our offices for nursing employees.

This part comes easily for VTS—built on years of work to foster an inclusive workplace and culture for women.

Company: KinderCare Learning Companies

What they do: KinderCare Learning Companies is the nation’s largest provider of unparalleled early learning, helping children explore their limitless potential and giving their families the freedom and flexibility to do the same.

How their culture supports women:

Inclusion creates belonging, and it’s for everyone. An important step in our journey over the last several years has been formally guiding and impacting foundational change in our organization. We’re incredibly proud of the company’s commitment to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive KinderCare.  

Belonging is what we want everyone to feel when they walk through the doors of our centers, programs and schools. Across our company, we’re continuously finding new ways to help employees bring their true self to work. One of the ways is by creating spaces for employees to come together through our employee resource groups. We currently have five groups, all managed by employee chairs with an executive sponsor from our leadership team. Each group is unique in how it’s run, with the common thread being a safe space that provides mentorship and leadership opportunities for members.

Company: InfoTrust

What they do: InfoTrust is a privacy-centric digital analytics solutions company that empowers marketers to make confident, data-driven decisions. Working with many of the world’s best-known brands, they partner with enterprise organizations in the CPG, retail, media, health, and finance spaces.

How their culture supports women:

At InfoTrust, we’re committed to making our workplace the best it can be, and a big part of that is creating a sense of belonging. Our People team keeps a close eye on this as one of the “6 Drivers of Engagement.”

We’re happy to share that in our 2023 Annual Engagement survey, Belonging stood out as the highest-rated Driver, scoring an average of 4.7 on a five-point scale. This success is thanks in part to initiatives like our employee resource groups, such as LeanIn, supporting the women in our organization. Our mentorship program, designed to match people based on growth goals, and our flexible work options also played roles in achieving this high score.

But we know the journey doesn’t end there. We’re committed to continually monitoring and improving the sense of belonging throughout the year. At InfoTrust, our aim is to provide a workplace where everyone feels valued and connected.

Company: DriveTime Family of Brands

What they do: DriveTime Family of Brands—DriveTime, Bridgecrest, and SilverRock—is the largest privately owned used car sales finance and servicing company in the nation. They create opportunities and improve the lives of customers and employees by placing a focus on putting the right customer, in the right vehicle, on the right terms and on their path to ownership.

How their culture supports women:

Fostering a culture where women feel a sense of belonging is a top priority at the DriveTime Family of Brands. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are at the heart of our efforts to create an inclusive environment.  

One of the ways we promote inclusivity is through our We Stand Together video series. This series highlights diverse voices and experiences, providing a platform for our employees to share their stories, perspectives, and insights. Additionally, our company blog also features inspiring employee stories, showcasing achievements, challenges, and journeys to leadership within our organization. These stories serve as powerful reminders of the diverse talents and experiences of women at the brand family.

Company: YETI

What they do: YETI creates ultra-durable coolers, drinkware, and bags at the pinnacle of performance and built for every-day use.

How their culture supports women:

Making any employee feel like she belongs at YETI starts with understanding her unique concerns, challenges, and aspirations and then providing resources for her to excel and find community. Our Women’s Employee Affinity Group (WEAG) has been a catalyst for all of that at YETI. WEAG’s programming and initiatives run the gamut of regularly highlighting the women who are excelling in their field—inside YETI and outside in the WILD—to creating unique, fun moments for networking and learning. A cornerstone of engaging women at YETI has been WEAG’s Cohorts, where employees get together monthly to discuss obstacles, share resources, and offer peer-to-peer support for career development. Feeling like you belong isn’t static; it changes day to day. WEAG's consistent engagement and dialogues ensure that the women at YETI feel that they can thrive at YETI today and in the future.

Company: Lazer Logistics

What they do: Lazer Logistics is a logistics powerhouse that provides yard spotting, yard shuttle, and trailer services. They’re built on a foundation of shared values: diversity, drive, and above all else, family. 

How their culture supports women:

Being in male-dominated industry like logistics, Lazer takes intentional steps to ensure women feel like we're a company, a space where they can grow. That this is a place that fosters an environment of inclusivity, respect, and support.

  • All employees take training that addresses unconscious biases. 

  • Our maternity leave policy ensures women are able to take time off to bond with the new addition to their family. 

  • We have two women-focused ERG's (Women in Logistics and Women in Leadership), which are devoted to deepening the connections between women, providing resources to help their development and growth, and addressing hard topics that women often encounter.

  • At a monthly cadence, our Culture team looks at the percent of men versus women in roles and departments. This way, for areas that have the most disparity between genders, intentional steps can be taken to close that gap and ensure the talent pool is diverse.

Company: Ping Identity 

What they do: Ping Identity provides cloud-based identity management software for companies and government organizations.

How their culture supports women:

We strive to create an environment where every employee feels welcomed, valued, and heard, and providing a supportive environment for our women is of utmost importance. It starts with providing well-rounded benefits that support employee health and wellbeing. We offer competitive pay that supports the needs of employees and engages them to achieve goals related to our success. Our benefits include a 100 percent paid parental leave, retirement savings with employer match, unlimited PTO, charitable giving match, commuter offset, fitness stipend, and in-office snacks and drinks. Our women's employee resource group seeks to promote inclusivity and develop personal and professional growth for women throughout the year by sponsoring International Women’s Day and hosting various panel discussions to elevate women’s careers. We also feel a responsibility to invest in the next generation to influence future candidate pools with more qualified women. We have been a proud sponsor of the Denver Girls in Science program for seven years, which encourages local youth to explore fields in STEM.

Company: Procore Technologies

What they do: Procore Technologies’s cloud-based construction management software streamlines the entire lifecycle of a construction project, connecting field and office teams, centralizing data to mitigate risks, providing real-time financials, and more to help clients efficiently build everything from skyscrapers to hospitals to airports.

How their culture supports women:

At Procore, we believe that the inclusion journey never ends, and we are committed to providing ongoing programs, resources, and communities to enable a culture of belonging. The Women’s Impact Network (WIN) is Procore’s Women's Employee Resource Group, and its mission is to foster and support an inclusive community of women through learning, growth, mentorship, and connection. WIN builds and delivers programming focused on the promotion and retention of the women of Procore while also creating and reinforcing allyship across the organization. Fun fact: you’ll often see our WIN members highlighted on our InHerSight content.

Company: Taulia

What they do: Taulia delivers working capital solutions that make it easy for businesses to free up cash, accelerate payments, and improve supply chain health.

How their culture supports women:

At Taulia, fostering a culture where every woman feels a sense of belonging is a top priority. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is evident through a range of initiatives designed to empower and integrate women into various aspects of our organization. We actively promote DEI training programs that educate employees on the importance of creating an inclusive environment and understanding diverse perspectives. These programs contribute to building awareness and sensitivity throughout our workforce.

Our employee resource group, LIFT Women, plays a pivotal role in shaping our inclusive culture. It provides a platform for women to connect, share experiences, and support each other both personally and professionally. This community-driven approach ensures that the unique challenges and triumphs of women in our organization are acknowledged and addressed.

Mentorship opportunities are another key component of our culture. We facilitate mentorship programs that pair women with experienced professionals who provide guidance, advice, and a supportive network.

Company: Gradient AI

What they do: Gradient AI is a fast-growing startup, bringing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions to the trillion-dollar insurance industry.

How their culture supports women:

At Gradient AI, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace where women thrive. We understand the importance of work-life balance, which is why we offer fully paid leave for parents, ensuring that our women team members can embrace the joys of motherhood without worrying about their financial wellbeing.

We provide flexible time off to accommodate the diverse needs of our employees, allowing them to spend quality moments with their loved ones. Moreover, our Women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) serves as a vibrant community where women across the organization come together to share experiences, insights, and support one another. This ERG showcases the accomplishments and stories of the incredible women on our team, fostering a sense of connection and inspiration. 

At Gradient AI, we believe that empowering women is not just a commitment but a driving force behind our success. By creating a workplace that values and supports the unique contributions of women, we ensure that every team member can reach their full potential.

Company: EBSCO Information Services

What they do: EBSCO is a leading provider of research databases, e-journal and e-package subscription management, book collection development and acquisition management, and a major provider of library technology, e-books and clinical decision solutions for universities, colleges, hospitals, corporations, government, K-12 schools, and public libraries worldwide.

How their culture supports women:

One of the ways that EBSCO Information Services (EIS) supports women is through our EIS Mentorship Program. All employees worldwide can participate in the program as a mentee or mentor. Over 62 percent of our total participants are women and 56 percent of our mentors are women. Pairs work on development goals and make new connections across our global organization. Our Women@EIS group has collaborated with the program to share experiences and promote the benefits of mentoring for women. Our participants have shared that they “have grown and become more confident” and enjoy “having another go-to person here at EIS.” Women who have been mentees have gone on to become managers, change career paths within the company, and even become mentors themselves. Both our mentees and mentors grow from the relationship and it’s a program that has enhanced our culture at EIS.

Company: Palo Alto Networks

What they do: Global cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks empowers service providers, government entities, and enterprises to secure applications, users, data, networks, clouds, and devices.

How their culture supports women:

Palo Alto Networks has established and continues to foster environments in which women feel that they belong. We have 11 employee network groups, including a women’s network community (WNC), that foster an inclusive workplace. Our WNC connects, empowers, and inspires women to become their best selves through personal and professional development. To help increase diversity in management and leadership positions, we began an Underrepresented Talent (URT) program, where URT including women are positioned for success as they look to develop toward their next role at the company and beyond. We are leveraging our FLEXLearn modules, as well as Modern Health programs that provide coaching, mentorship and learning opportunities for those enrolled in the program. All employees are eligible to participate in our new mentorship platform, which can help connect women with mentors/mentees that will help achieve their career development aspirations or deliver on their goals. The platform offers matching capabilities, certification programs, templates, and guides to help participants.

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