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  1. Blog
  2. Partners in Diversity
  3. January 19, 2024

Want Better Benefits? Watch for This Under-the-Radar Green Flag

Listening and growth where it matters most

Working mom assessing a company's benefits
Photo courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto

This article is part of InHerSight's Partners in Diversity series. Discover companies partnering with InHerSight to better support women in the workplace.

Here’s something you might never have thought about during your job search: A company that evolves is a major green flag.

We’re not just talking about revolutionizing business practices. Companies that are attuned to the ever-changing needs of their employees make for happier places to work. It’s one of the reasons InHerSight measures Employer Responsiveness; effective feedback channels that allow employers to listen and problem-solve employees’ concerns are a top contributor to inclusive workplaces. 

One of InHerSight’s Best Companies to Work For, dbt Labs is one standout example. The data management platform is rated 4.5 stars for Employer Responsiveness, and they have a baked-in process for assessing and updating their employee experience, regularly tapping feedback channels in order to better meet the needs of their team. We reached out to three members of their Benefits and People teams in order to understand how this process happens from start to finish—and to learn what change has come as a result of their work. 

Read on to discover how dbt Labs keeps its thumb on the pulse of employee satisfaction and, as a result, provides stellar, of-the-moment benefits. 

One way companies can support employees is by assessing the effectiveness of their benefits. How does dbt Labs do this?

Clyde Stackhouse, Manager, Total Rewards: “Our benefits selection process revolves around two key pillars: our employees’ feedback and benchmarking data against other tech companies. Throughout the year, we track and note feedback from our employees around things that are working well and what could be improved or what could be added, and we conduct an annual benefits survey that drives our ‘go-to-market’ strategy when building our benefit plans and strategy.” 

Why should readers care whether companies have such in-depth processes for assessing employee benefits?

Andrea Adu, Senior Benefits Analyst: “For several reasons! First, it demonstrates the company's promise to stay attuned to the evolving needs and expectations of its workforce. By consistently evaluating the impact of benefits offerings, dbt Labs ensures that its programs remain relevant and competitive in the ever-changing landscape of employee expectations and industry standards. 

“Second, ‘checking the pulse’ regularly reflects a culture of adaptability and responsiveness within the company. It suggests that the company is not content with a one-size-fits-all approach, but is dedicated to tailoring its benefits to our employees’ unique dynamics. The commitment to regular assessment also aligns with a forward-thinking leadership style that values continuous improvement and innovation.”

Kasey Angsioco, Senior People Business Partner: “We obviously love data, and though it’s important to reference what is ‘typical’ or ‘common’ in industry for benefits programs, ‘common’ does not equate to it being the best, most equitable option. We’re pushing the boundaries in our product, so why wouldn’t we do the same with how we support our teams? Being willing to mimic that innovative excellence across all aspects of the business speaks to our culture and leadership.” 

dbt Labs

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Are there any benefits that have had particularly interesting evolutions because of this process?

Clyde: “Our employee survey and feedback was the primary driver to implementing a monthly health and wellness stipend as well as a new vendor to help manage our various stipends. Additionally, we recently increased our paid parental leave by four weeks—from 12 weeks up to 16 weeks—based on the feedback we received from our employees. 

“Our paid parental leave is really a great example. While the survey data had mixed results around our previous offering, a working group of employees helped drive the business case to increase our leave. It was great being able to work together as a focus group to prep benchmark data, leverage our networks, and build out a proposal.” 

Tell us more about the impact of this change to paid parental leave, either on you personally or through what you’ve seen at the company thus far.

Kasey: “When in the job hunt that thankfully led me to dbt Labs, I was looking for a company that would support not just my career goals, but my personal goals of expanding our family–both in policy and culturally. Through my role, I’ve worked directly on benefits and leaves, and I have always had a particular interest in parental leave policies because of how much the U.S. is catching up to more equitable practices in this space, so I was already content with the standard dbt Labs had when I joined, but having the parental leave policy increase while I have been pregnant was incredibly impactful in our family planning. 

“Working in People over the years, I have unfortunately spoken to many folks, particularly birthing parents, who feel they have to negotiate their personal lives with their careers, leading them to things like taking shorter leaves, feeling embarrassed to schedule feeding and pumping times on their calendars, etc. I’m about to go on birthing parental leave, and I can confidently and gratefully say that I don’t feel any of that pressure at dbt Labs. My manager, team, and folks I work with have been extremely supportive, and many have been great examples of how to find as much harmony as possible being a working parent.” 

Andrea: “This enhancement signifies a significant stride toward supporting employees during a crucial life transition. The additional four weeks provide invaluable time for new parents to bond with their child, manage the challenges of adjusting to parenthood, and establish a strong foundation for their family. 

“I've witnessed firsthand the positive ripple effect this extended parental leave has had on our workplace culture. It not only aligns with our dedication to fostering a family-friendly environment but also acknowledges the diverse needs of our workforce.” 

Many of the people reading this will be women thinking of applying to jobs at dbt Labs. Is there anything you’d like to add to encourage them to apply?

Clyde: “I’d really point to two of our values: ‘We work hard and go home’ and ‘We are human’. Both of these values are truly lived out and are reflected in the way we work and the way we structure our benefits.” 

We work hard and go home. 

We take our responsibilities as parents, citizens, individuals, family members, and members of our various communities just as seriously as we take our commitments at work. When we are on, we are focused. When we are off, we are free to be fully disconnected. 

We are human. 

We are human beings innovating in a shared service to a mission. We structure our compensation and benefits, work hours and location policies, work and management styles, and employee agreements to support this fundamental human-ness. 

Andrea: “For women considering applying to dbt Labs, I want to highlight that this company is not just a workplace. The company's culture is built on collaboration, respect, and innovation, creating a space where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but celebrated. Additionally, dbt Labs provides opportunities for career growth and development, ensuring that women have the resources and support needed to advance their careers in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.”

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