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8 Jobs Statistics Majors Will Excel At

There’s a 100% chance you’re going to like these

8 Jobs Statistics Majors Will Excel At

From the outside, a career in statistics may seem like endlessly collecting and organizing abstract data. Stats majors do often work with data, but the real science and appeal of the stats world is the interpretation and application of that information.

And not all statisticians sit behind a computer all day. There are plenty of jobs for statistics majors that will get you out into the world and on the ground using what you’ve learned.

1. Sports data analyst

Behind every sports announcer rattling off statistics is an analyst crunching the numbers. Sports data analysts must have exemplary knowledge of their sport and have the ability to translate records and results into meaningful analysis and predictions.

Sports analysts may work irregular hours to cover games or events, but who doesn’t mind getting in on a little “moneyball”? You can expect to make an average of $67,000 per year.

2. Market researcher

Businesses have to keep tabs on the evolving needs and wants of their markets. To help companies better serve their customers, market researchers test, poll, and collect information and analyze their findings to help grow business. They help answer questions like, where should we expand? How can we improve our products? What segment are we under-serving? Who doesn’t know about our products and services?

You might work on an in-house marketing or product development team or with a market research consultancy, making $45,000–$99,000 annually.

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3. Forensic statistician

Forensic statisticians apply their scientific data knowledge to draw conclusions from evidence collected at crime scenes. You’ll also need a master’s degree in forensic science, and plenty of knowledge of law and criminology. Statistics majors who pursue this career can expect to make an average starting salary of $56,000.

4. Personal financial advisor

Statistics majors can make good money managing other people’s money. Personal financial advisors use their math backgrounds to advise clients on retirement savings, investments, mortgages, college savings, taxes, trusts, estate planning, and more.

Financial advisors start out making about $40,000, but can earn into the six figures with experience.

5. Real estate appraiser

Real estate appraisers make an average $53,000 a year determining the market value of property by inspecting land and buildings and sifting through records of damage and sale.

Consider appraisal if you don’t want to sit behind a desk all day. This job will get you out of the office almost daily.

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6. Research meteorologist

Research meteorologists’ work revolves around collecting and studying data on weather patterns. You’ll need additional education in a scientific field like atmospheric science or meteorology. But with an average salary around $60,000 with high potential to move into a six-figure income, the payoff is well worth it.

7. Data journalist

Simply put, data journalists report on data. They analyze and interpret numbers into compelling stories the public needs to hear. To do this job, you’ll need knowledge of programming languages like SQL and Python and be familiar with software like Tableau. These journalists are analyzing and writing their way to $46,000 to $83,000 annually.

8. Actuary

An actuary’s job is to determine the probability of events and assess the financial risk involved. They work for insurance firms, the government, or within a company’s employee benefits department, and depending on their employer can make as much as $105,000.

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