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15 Tweets by Women That Every Working Woman Can Relate To

Treat yourself, because.

Mitra Norowzi

It’s sad that I have to feel weird about eating a banana at work. They are a healthy and protein-filled snack when paired with peanut butter. Please let me live without your disgusting comments.

Please, you queens of self-control that don’t eat their lunch 30 minutes after they get work, tell me your secret.

Sweet, sweet, vindication

Maybe one day, hundred of years from now, hieroglyphics experts will be able to decipher what I meant. But, for today, let’s just pretend it’s done.

Does anyone else experience heart palpitations when it’s time to hit ‘send’ on an email? Oh, just me? Alright, but one day you reckless quick email-senders will be humbled like this poor soul.

I feel you, Sandra. Haters be hatin. Sorry I got the promotion over you, Todd. I literally only performed twice as good as you this quarter.

Please...I bought into the trend, too....but it’s no longer 2012. “I mustache you a question” mugs no longer signal that we are quirky, fun people :/

Once you start working over 40 hours a week, you’ve gotta just start appreciating the little things. Stepped on a crunchy leaf on the way to work? Got an extra chicken nugget at Chickfila during lunch? This is the stuff of dreams.

Brb while I remove all the gross corporate male ‘role models’ that have been exposed as abusers from my inspiration board! Note to self: maybe just don’t look up to any famous or successful men?

It really would kill men to actually listen to a woman in a meeting, wouldn’t it?

Not a day passes in this office where the white male-ness of white males doesn’t astound me.

This is sadly the highest level of appreciation working moms will probably ever get.

No, I don’t need you to tell me how to use the company spreadsheet. I MADE IT, YOU NINCOMPOOP.

If Paramore got me through my teen angst, it’ll get me through this god-awful interview.

*staring off into distance* When will my benefits return from war?

By Mitra Norowzi

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