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The Hidden Effects of Financial Confidence on Women’s Careers

From asking for a raise to going for the promotion, financial savvy has a hand in the risks women are willing to take at work.

Women make up 47% of the US workforce, control 86% of consumer spending, and have trillions of dollars in investable assets. There’s no denying that professional women are a force in the working world today, but how do we utilize their talent, make sure they are getting to the leadership positions their education and experience merit, and provide opportunities for them to bring the most they have to offer to the workplace? And what role do financial stress and financial savvy have on the career decisions women make?

To answer these questions, Mercer , InHerSight , and Ellevate Network surveyed over 1,200 women in collaboration, to see how women’s financial confidence affected their career decisions. Learn more by checking out the infographic below ( download it here ), joining our webinar , or reaching out to if you’re interested in writing about this research.

Replay the Jam Session!
(Recorded May 16, 2018 @ 12pm)
Hear a replay of Ellevate, Mercer, and InHerSight talk about how women’s financial confidence (or lack thereof) impacts the decisions we make in our career.
Jam Session Replay

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