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Articles by Shameika Rhymes


Shameika Rhymes is a Charlotte, North Carolina–based freelance writer who loves writing about culture, lifestyle, entertainment, and feminism. Her bylines include InHerSight, ET Online, Style BluePrint, Charlotte magazine, USA Today magazines, Shondaland, and Parade magazine. She also hosts an entertainment show Check the Rhymes TV on YouTube. She holds a bachelor's degree in mass communications from East Tennessee State University and a master's in sports commerce from the University of Memphis.

How Microaggressions Affect Belonging in the Workplace
Teronda was excited to join her team, but the tasks she was assigned made her feel like ‘the housekeeper of the company’
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Work from Home
9 Ways Teachers Can Make Money Working from Home
Can you tell me how to get to
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6 Red Flags To Look for During Interviews
Is it just me or am I being punished for applying?
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Women to Know
Looking for a Job in Logistics? Try Working with Nicki Minaj and Chris Rock for a Living
Tina Farris is a career force to be reckoned with
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What to Do if You’re Not Getting Called Back—Ever
So no one got my email or...?
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Culture & Professionalism
6 Ways to Handle Workplace Bullying
In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, "Why you gotta be so mean?"
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Women to Know
You Don’t Have to Succeed in Your 20s. These Women Didn’t.
Twelve women who make mid- and late-career success look damn good
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Career Development
How I Harnessed the Power of My Vulnerability
Office culture meets industry culture meets you
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17 Memoirs to Inspire Working Women
Books written for career women by boss women
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Women to Know
How She Did It: 6 Women-Led Passion Projects
They worked full-time jobs while launching their dream careers
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Women to Know
Cool CEO Alert: Empowering Women Through Comic Books
Aza Comics' Jazmin Truesdale talks about creating a universe where women are superheroes
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Culture & Professionalism
Adoption & the Office: How to Talk About—and Celebrate—It
All new parents need support and flexibility
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Women to Know
From TV to Carpentry: How TLC Star Ananda Lewis Found a Career She Loves
The host of “While You Were Out” is a working mom and a grade-A negotiator
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Equal Opportunities
6 Times You Should Talk to Human Resources
You don’t always have to talk to HR about negative situations, but when you do, you should feel comfortable knowing you’re well within your rights
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