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Articles by Cara Hutto about Equal Opportunities


Cara Hutto is a freelance writer and the former assistant editor at InHerSight. Her writing primarily focuses on workplace rights, job searching, culture, and food, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in media and journalism from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Introduction to Intersectionality: 8 Ways Identity Affects Employment
There is no one-size-fits-all discrimination
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Career Development
5 Traits Women Should Lean Into
It's time to reclaim what's rightfully ours
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Workplace Rights
All the Workplace Rights Your Mother Didn't Have
Happy Mother's Day to the Silent Generation, who endured everything
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Working During Coronavirus
We’ve Always Asked for Too Much from Teachers, but Is Distance Learning the Last Straw?
Chew on this apple slice for a while
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Equal Opportunities
Women in the Workplace Primer: 19 Terms You Need to Know
Bibbity, bobbity, boo, now you’re a walking workplace dictionary—at least until midnight
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Career Development
10 Things That Aren’t Your Job (That You Might Be Doing Anyway)
Party planning committee, party of one
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Career Development
Why You Should Rate Your Company
It doesn't take long, it's anonymous, and it's oh-so good for working women
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Equal Opportunities
What Women Caregivers Need: Self-Care & Company Support
Learn how to de-stress and take advantage of company benefits
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6 Badass Ways Women Have Asked for a Raise
The relatability of Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep just increased by about 1,000 percent
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7 Indirect Ways to Close the Gender Pay Gap
It starts before you’re even hired, and it’s almost always uncomfortable
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10 Records Broken by Women in the 2018 Midterm Elections
Gurrrrl, it’s definitely the year of the woman
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Women to Know
Meet the Woman Making Quality Education Affordable for All
25-year-old Charlie Javice shares the most important lesson she's learned in her career
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Equal Opportunities
Questions About the Intersectional F-Word, Answered
Why it’s so important to note the diversity of women’s experiences
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Culture & Professionalism
5 Outrageous Things Women Have Heard at Work
And tips for how you should respond if you’re on the receiving end of a sexist remark
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