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4.6 | Arlington, VA | Computer Software | 51 to 200 Employees
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Posted 2 months ago on Feb. 12, 2020

Director, Defense Sales

Full-time in Arlington, VA
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Govini is a computer software company headquartered in the Arlington, VA area with 51 to 200 employees. Govini has a 4.6-star InHerSight Score, based on 9 ratings from a confidential number of current or former employees.

Company Description
Govini is a data and analytics firm dedicated to transforming the business of national security through data science and machine learning.  Through its analytic platform, Govini delivers objective, decision-grade information at scale to the U.S. national security enterprise, so that leaders can better direct investments to innovation and modernization.  Govini has offices in Arlington, Virginia, San Francisco, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Job Description
As a member on our Sales team, you will develop, qualify, and sell Govini products and services, and maintain sales relationships across the national security sector of the U.S. Federal Government. You have the ability to make an immediate and measurable impact on top-line revenue growth for the business, while doing work that matters to the Nation.  

You are a “Purple Squirrel” – the elusive professional every company is looking for, but for whom not every company is a fit. You are a natural leader. You can paint a picture that excites people and compels them to work with Govini. You’re good at selling, and everyone knows it.  You have a strong and successful track record of effectively selling technology to government, particularly the national security enterprise. You have strong business acumen, and both a passion and aptitude for technology. Your last company would describe you as a secret weapon. Nothing less than your best will do.
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