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4.9 | New York City, NY | Computer Software | 201 to 500 Employees
Posted a month ago on Sept. 17, 2020

business analyst intern

Internship in Paris, France
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Dataiku is a computer software company headquartered in the New York City, NY area with 201 to 500 employees. Dataiku has a 4.9-star InHerSight Score, based on 16 ratings from a confidential number of current or former employees.

Dataiku allows enterprises to create value with their data in a human-centered way while breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration. One of the most unique characteristics of our product, Data Science Studio (DSS), is the breadth of its scope and the fact that it caters both to technical and non-technical users. Through DSS, we aim to empower people through data and democratize data science.

In this internship you will proactively work with a broad set of stakeholders and more particularly with our Analytics Manager and our Sales leaders in the region and contribute to the team success.
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