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Unrated | Cambridge, MA | Professional Training & Coaching | 51 to 200 Employees
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Posted 2 years ago on Sept. 24, 2018

Software Engineer

Full-time in Cambridge, MA
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BetterLesson is a professional training & coaching company headquartered in the Cambridge, MA area with 51 to 200 employees.

Do you want to be part of a team that inspires teachers to prepare students for a better future?  The engineers at BetterLesson write the software that empowers teachers!  

BetterLesson matches teachers with world-class personal coaching to support them in improving their teaching practice. When teachers receive our customized support and improve their practice, the results show a positive impact on student learning! Currently, there are over 1.5 million registered members in the BetterLesson network, and we have raised over $35M in venture capital and grant funding to achieve our goal.

Join our team and build a better future for students all over the country!

As a Software Engineer with BetterLesson, you will be at the forefront of technical product development. Our engineering team is comprised of highly skilled software developers, visionary UI designers, and experienced project managers that together form a world-class software development team. Your technical contributions will have immediate impact on the mission of the company.

You will focus on (3) main functional areas:

  1. Implementing back-end and front-end code that supports product development.
  2. Planning the implementation of product features and functionality for yourself, and at times for others.
  3. Establishing lasting practices for the future of product development.

You are:

  • an accomplished engineer with great interpersonal skills.
  • an efficient collaborator and communicator.
  • an organizer and planner of their own technical tasks (manage time to complete tasks on schedule).

You will:

  • develop back-end services within our Flask (Python / WSGI-based) web framework.
  • implement front-end code inside of our React (JavaScript) framework.
  • query data and update our MYSQL database schema to support new products and features.
  • maintain a standard of code reusability and readability.
  • engage in projects that include:
    • adding new features to our coaching platform, such as messaging, calendar and video conferencing capabilities.
    • increasing the reach of our content through email and search engine optimizations (SEO).
    • developing interactive reporting dashboards for our customers.

You have:

  • experience working in a high-growth environment.
  • formal Computer Science training, through either:
    • a college degree in Computer Science or an equivalent degree.
    • a combination of coding bootcamp experience and 2+ years of training on the job.
  • 2+ years of experience building back-end applications using conventional patterns, such as Model View Controller (MVC) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • 2+ years of experience building state-managed front-end applications with JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Vue, or Angular.
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