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Working Mom May 20, 2019

The Break Time for Nursing Mothers law requires employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the United States to provide a private pumping room to breastfeeding employees

Salary Apr 2, 2019

And few women who have asked for raises actually got them

Salary Apr 2, 2019

But pressure on businesses may increase thanks to a new pay reporting requirement from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission

Salary Apr 2, 2019

In a survey of 2,000 women, nearly half of respondents say they would be less interested in working for a company with a gender pay gap, others say they’d be on the fence.

Salary Apr 2, 2019

In a 2019 InHerSight survey, women also shared whether they would be comfortable asking a male colleague about his salary

Recruiting Oct 16, 2017

The recent policy roll-back could have serious implications for women and employers.

Employee Satisfaction Nov 13, 2016

Professional women share their outlook on their career prospects in light of the election results
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