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Personal Development

Personal Development

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Family Support

Family Support

4.7 Female Representation in Top Leadership
4.6 Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
4.6 Paid Time Off
4.5 Maternity and Adoptive Leave
4.5 Management Opportunities for Women
4.3 Social Activities and Environment
4.3 Wellness Initiatives
4.2 Learning Opportunities
4.2 The People You Work With
4.1 Family Growth Support
4.1 Sponsorship or Mentorship Program
4.0 Company Responsiveness
3.6 Flexible Work Hours
3.4 Salary Satisfaction
3.3 Ability to Telecommute

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I really love working at SYF. The CEO is a woman. There is cultural diversity and hours to distribute to volunteer organisations. Very envolved in the community! I like Alex Price/lead
He greets you with a smile and friendly aura. Almost everything is great there but the salary. I do work part time <19/hours a week which helped while in college. Now I'm degreed x2.. Besides the typical office politics with my team.. I am a bit dissatisfied or disappointed that after 6 months of employment I am not at a point for assistance to advance. My student loan debt is high and I'm not able to live on low income wages
The pay is ok while in college..but now I'm done...if I had other financial support and needed flexibility while in school or raising kids.. this job is great. However my feeling is.. I'm in a position where I'm least likely to promote and its not a good feeling. I feel stuck.
Unfortunately i may have to leave the company to find a promotion/more pay.
Not able to join an event fir company career day due to my call center "metrix" not being met. *(still in ramp up phase @ 6 months appatently)

Satisfied Rater

The only real issue is that the traditional IT brocode needs to be broken. Mansplaining should be called out and eliminated. Someone please note how gendered the social activities are.

Satisfied Rater

Tough job, but the perks are amazing!! Each step above is celebrated!! Great place to work!!

Very Satisfied Rater

Women that work there at the same level you are tend to be more caty than the managers. It's all micromanaging though.

Satisfied Rater

Synchrony Financial has been a joy to work for. SO many strong, powerful, and diverse women in management.

Very Satisfied Rater


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