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4.1 | Toronto, Canada | Consumer Electronics | 201 to 500 Employees
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You're smart. You're innovative. And you care about our planet. Us too.

We're a proudly Canadian hardware company transforming the way our homes use energy. We don't make your average widget. We make first-to-market, beautifully designed smart wi-fi thermostats that reduce energy waste and carbon emissions.

Interested in IoT and the connected home? We'd love to talk to you.

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Benefits & Perks

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Schedules & Flexibility

  • 15 paid time off days/year (average)
  • 5 sick leave days/year (average)
  • 10 paid holidays/year
  • Flexible work hours available
  • Occasional remote work available

Training & Education

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • On-site training opportunities
  • Conference reimbursement
  • Full-time employees receive up to $1,500 to pursue a designation, take a course, or attend a conference
  • Reimbursement may also be available for books or membership fees
  • ecobee-hosted Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Employee bonus for speaking at conferences

Family Leave

  • 17 weeks partially paid maternity leave
  • 17 weeks partially paid paternity leave
  • We have an Employee top-up plan of up to 75% for the first 17 weeks combined with Employment Insurance. After that, the employee is entitled to the full year of parental leave should they wish to take it.
  • New parents can decide to take 5 days of paid time off if they do not wish to take parental leave.

Wellness Initiatives

  • Gym membership subsidy
  • Tobacco-free workplace
  • Standing and/or walking desks
  • Subsidized healthy food
  • Fruit, coffee and dried snacks
  • On-site private bike storage
  • Community Involvement and Events
  • ecobee supported charity donations
  • Red Cross donations
  • Summer Sports Leagues
  • Each employee can use 1 paid volunteer day per quarter Communal library with lots of great reads
  • Making a meaningful difference to the environment, while being part of the exciting connected home revolution.

Office perks

  • Open floor plan
  • Working with talented people on innovative products
  • Stock Options are available to all full-time employees and vesting starts on your first day
  • Family & Friends discount on ecobee purchases
  • Employee Referral Bonus ($2000 for each full-time referral hired)
  • Every employee receives your own ecobee3
  • Annual summer social and holiday party
  • Office social events and Board Game nights every Thursday
  • Ping pong and dartboard

Jobs at ecobee

Full-time | Toronto, OH
ecobee is a consumer electronics company headquartered in the Toronto, Canada area that employs 201 to 500 people. ecobee has a 4.1-star InHerSight Score, based on 109 ratings from 7 current or former employees. InHerSight collects anonymous employee ratings and reviews from women for companies like ecobee and shares that information publicly to empower working women to make better decisions about their careers and where they work.

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