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I have less than a year working at this company and I am so ready to quit. My boss never admits he is wrong and he refuses to listen. I wanted to stay at least a year but honestly things are not working out. Should I quit before or wait until August 2020?
2 replies
I have been feeling trapped at my job for months before the pandemic started. My supervisor is a smart woman, but she is just a little younger than me (and many others) so maybe she feels that she has to always defend her position? But in the past year she has been more close-minded about input and ideas. She refuses to listen to others ...
1 reply
I cannot say too much without potentially ruining something, but I will say...Basically I decided to "shout" to anyone that would listen that I am ready to quit, but to please show me that I should have faith in the company I work for. I love what I do, but I cannot stand the bias toward females, and it is so blatant. Of course, ...
2 replies

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