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Early Career Production planner
I currently work for a very large corporate company. With that comes great benefits, flexibility, and stability. Unfortunately I'm also stuck in a dept. with no opportunity for growth, I can get my job done daily in a matter of an hour or two (so, 7 hours of nothing), and am gaining no traction with my internal contacts. I am actively interviewing with a ...
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Hello ladies, I am at one of my lowest points and I really need some help. MA Research Psychology. I was laid off in June but I've been actively applying to other companies since December. I've had one interview, nothing else. Multiple temp agencies and HR departments can't find issues with my résumé. I'm passionate, efficient, and quick to learn but I can't find ...
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Mid-Level Assistant Program Director
Hi I need help My job is driving me insane. I have been looking for work religiously since February....and nothing. I went on two interviews with no call back have 3 phone interviews with no callbacks. I've gone to 3 staff agencies, and they try to get me to sign up for temp positions (NO Thank you) not that there is anything wrong with ...
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