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I’ve had some extremely bad experiences with managers and coworkers in regards to taking FMLA leave previously. We’re talking just *barely* short of litigation bad. What sort of questions can I ask a potential manager or teammate(s) in an interview to try and gauge if they are “safe” if I have more health problems (or go on maternity leave) in the future?
3 replies
I am really struggling to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I'm mid 30s and have been mostly entry level in customer service and educational jobs. I'm at the point of realizing that taking care of others (and the ridiculously limited pay and lack of upward mobility those provide) is maybe not as fulfilling as I thought and as ...
2 replies
Hey Ladies, I am preparing for a Marketing & Sales Associates job interview. I am so excited to get an call back after a couple of months of being ghosted. I am looking for advice and questions to ask during the interview. I really want to make a good impression! This would be my first big girl job out of college :)
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