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Some of the discussions happening in the community right now
Several times I have completed multiple interviews for a position, HR or the hiring manager check references, and then after a few weeks I get a no. Is it very common to check references for several candidates, even one you don't intend to hire? I feel like I would prefer not to have my references checked multiple times with no positive end result. My …
4 replies
Help! I was furloughed due to COVID from the same job, twice. I have actively been looking for a new career (I’ve been waiting tables until I got the guts to find a career I loved/ it’s been 5 years oops) I had just bought a house when furloughed. I haven’t heard back from a single job and now I can’t even afford to …
6 replies
A company emailed me a week after our interview to ask if I wanted to move forward with the hiring process (yes obvs). It’s been almost 3 weeks now and nothing, not even a confirmation that they got my reply. Do I reach out or could this work against me?
6 replies

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