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My Company started us working from home a few weeks ago. Got us a 2nd monitor bring home to help us a week ago. Our state just ordered a shelter in place this weekend. Now they are getting Majority of our department to move back in to the office this week. This I believe is not a good idea. For one doesn’t make since ...
7 replies
Any managers out there feel like they are struggling with when to push their teams for productivity and when to be understanding during this pandemic? I would love some of advice from my fellow team leads!
6 replies
Hi Ladies, this is my first post. Hope everyone is staying healthy out there. I'm a hard worker, but I have always struggled with building relationships in the workplace since I am introverted and a little shy. I tend to just put my head down and try to be as efficient as possible, thinking that my hard work will win out. I seem to ...
10 replies

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