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Hi Friends, I'm in a transition period (long story). I resigned from my job of 14 years, sold my house and moved across state. I've been applying for a vast array of jobs for about 3 months, as I'd prefer to change career fields (I think). I resigned at Senior level just under Lab Director and hold a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology. ...
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Mid-Level Editor
Hi IHS Community! InHerSight would love to talk to women who, at different stages of their professional lives, have successfully changed careers. If you're willing to talk to a member of our editorial team about your experience, please email! Thanks! :)
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Early Career Team Member
I recently moved to a new area. I transferred with in my company, which I thought would be a good idea. My former manager was excellent! My new location has nearly caused me to quit within the first week. I’m constantly dealing with anger, anxiety and depression. I want to find a new job but I also know that I will likely be moving ...
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