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Early Career
Hi there! I'm new to InHerSight, and I'm new to Stamford, CT. I've only been here about two weeks, and I've been applying to jobs right along, but I'm only *kind of* hearing back from recruiters. I'm thankful I'm at least getting some communication about jobs, but I'm getting nervous that the more time I'm without a job, potential employers will see this and ...
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Absolute Beginner
Hi, I am having a bit of trouble with my supervisor. We are a really small team and she seems to have it out for me. She constantly picks out at everything I do and say not exactly about my work but my personality. Compared to my coworkers I am more reserved and blunt, and I feel like I am being punished for my ...
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Senior-Level Program Manager 2
Hi all, I'm facing some tough questions in my current role regarding work-life balance and the kinds of hard work I am being asked to do. I need to choose between perseverance or going to do something that aligns with more of my strengths. Using the poll below, (and the InHerSight rating system), how satisfied have you been with your choice to persevere when ...
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