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Senior-Level Project Manager
I have been with my company for over a decade, they have not promoted me even though my managers always say I do a good job and wish others would work like me. They rewarded me with double the work but no incentives, bonus and the raise was literally a few cents. I have noticed the culture in the company has been changing to ...
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Executive Public historian
Hello, I’m looking for some advice. I’m 55 and have a lot of experience in higher education and museums. I recently had to step away from a nonprofit museum because of the Board’s noncompliance with state laws and ethics, generally, because I didn’t want to go down with that ship. The sectors I’ve worked in have not been especially remunerative or friendly to qualified ...
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Mid-Level Administrative Assistant
Hello I need some advice. I am currently working as an administrative assistant and I have been an admin in different companies for the past 8 years or so. I suffer from ADHD and depression. The reason I mention that is because it is hard for me to keep a job because I get bored easily. After being at this job for 4 months ...
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