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Work from Home Discussions

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I am looking for remote jobs to start me off to save up to be able to start myself in college. I have bad anxiety and I am a stay at home mom and its hard getting anywhere without a degree but something that doesn't require to much schooling at first is what I'd prefer. Any advice or help is appreciated.
Hey, ladies! I’m looking for remote work due to health concerns. I’m pretty much house-ridden. Any tips?
Freelance work
Social Media work
I work remote and love the idea of my job. The challenge is the company I work for cannot live up to the deliverables they promise. I report into the CEO, and he is dismissive and non responsive to my needs in order to execute partnerships and down right verbally abusive. I am left defeated and unfulfilled but am terrified to leave because I ... Read more
Should I stay?
Or Should I go?
How do I get his attention to focus on delivering on his promises?